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The SelfCAD Academy will help you develop new career ready skills in the exciting 3D modeling field by combining SelfCAD software with science, technology, engineering, art, and math concepts.

SelfCAD allows you to create 3D models and prepare them for 3D printing, animation, or even 3D rendering in less time than when you’re using traditional CAD software. The software also has powerful 3D sculpting tools that you can use to create organic shapes. Compared to other 3D sculpting software, the brushes of SelfCAD are far much easier to use, and anyone, regardless of their experience, can get started much more easily.

Interactve Tutorials

Product Design & Interior Design

Project-Based Learning

3D Printing Technology

Career Ready Skills

 Engineering, Art and Math  

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Ignite Your Classroom

Solving Real-World Problems

Learn How to Develop Career-Ready 3D Skills used in Engineering, Product Design & Modeling to Problems

Navigating a 3D Workspace

Learn How to Utilize the Benefits of an Intuitive Interface and Unique Features of SelfCAD to Enhance Your 3D Design Experience

Basics of 3D Modeling

With SelfCAD, Users Can Learn to Create Complex Designs. This Section Teaches Learners Several Features and Tools to Make Their Design Journey Easier and Faster.

Geometry in Real Life

Teaching 3D Shapes and Polyhedrons can Help Students Learn Math in a More Visual Way Allowing Them to Apply Them to Real Life Applications.

Converting 2D to 3D

With 3D modeling We can Design, Test, Build, and Iterate Prototypes Faster Than Ever Before.   By Learning This We can Explore New Ideas, Gain Insights into Design Problems, and Ultimately Create Groundbreaking Products.

Spatial Intelligence 

With the Help of Spatial Reasoning, Engineers and Designers can Develop Creative Solutions to Complex Problems.By Strengthening this Skill, We can Improve Critical Thinking Abilities, and Visualization.  


As More Designers Look for Ways to Stay Ahead of the Curve, Learning How to Sculpt in 3D has Become One of the Most In-Demand Skills. With Access to Powerful Features, Learning 3D Sculpting is Possible.

3D Printing

Learn an Increasingly Popular Way to Design and Build Products.  Design Your Own Products-- Use Them, and Share Them with Your Peers.   It Can Also Be a Great Way for Teams to Collaborate on Product Designs.

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We are here to support you everything you need to know right here at your fingertips. Ask questions, browse around for answers, or submit your feature requests. 

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