Explore the world of 3DDiscover Selfcad
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Explore the world of 3DDiscover SelfcadNo download required
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SelfCAD Unlocks the Mysteries of 3D Printing!
All in one platformSelfCad has answered the need for a user-friendly CAD software. With SeIfCAD, you don’t need to launch multiple programs anymore to design, customize and print an object. Everything can be done under a single umbrella!SeIfCAD makes 3D modeling easy for everyoneUntil now, the world of 3D design and printing was difficult and mysterious. SeIfCAD makes it simple, accessible and fun! SelfCad has a comprehensive video training course that enables beginners to master the art of 3d design in just a few days.Slicer is part of the SeIfCAD platformTo prepare the shape for printing, one simply needs to click the Print button and select a printer from a drop-down list.
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SelfCAD will soon be available on tablets!While saving most functionality,we made tablet version fast, easy to use.and even more accessible.
The version for the tablet is fully adapted for easy use.Most functions are saved.Convenient and fast work.
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