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You can now download SelfCAD for PC!

You can now download SelfCAD for PC!

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SelfCAD is an affordable 3D modelling software that can match any skill level
Freelance Designers Whether you’re just starting out or looking to impress existing clients, SelfCAD can help you fast track your design process. Have your design ready in much less time than when using other traditional CAD softwares with powerful modelling, rendering, and modifying tools.
Small/Medium Businesses SelfCAD makes it easy to collaborate. Have all of your existing, in-progress, and new projects PLUS training materials for new designers in one place. Record Interactive Tutorials for your new recruits so you never have to juggle training and client fulfillment again or… we can create 100% custom training materials for you!
Schools & Course Creators SelfCAD is Easy to learn. Easy to use. Easy to teach. Help your students become proficient 3D designers without the daunting learning curve. We make it easy not only for students but also for teachers through our Interactive Tutorials.
3D Printing Have your designs ready for FDM and DLP Printers hassle-free. Drawing, Manifolding, and Slicing tools available in just one software. SelfCAD’s Magic Fix automatically corrects flaws in your design to avoid printing errors.
Fun Express yourself in 3D. Design anything from start to finish using SelfCAD. Have a 3D printer and looking to experiment? you just want to explore the world of 3D design? See your own design come to life in just a few days.
Intuitive Interface Your everyday workflow should be fuss-free. This is why we make sure that you can find the tools you need exactly where you expect to find them.
Interactive Tutorials Skip the headache of watching CAD video tutorials.
With SelfCAD, you can master designing anything from start to finish within the app.
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