SelfCAD is an online CAD and 3D design software

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Do you offer a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes! Contact us for more details.

How do I create an account on SelfCAD?

Please visit the registration page or watch this video tutorial for more information.

How fast should my internet connection be to use SelfCAD?

SelfCAD is browser-based, which means that internet speed will only affect loading times. The speed of the application itself depends solely on the speed, or processing power of your computer.

What is SelfCAD?

SelfCAD is an online, browser-based, 3D modeling, sculpting, slicing and printing software package.

Is SelfCAD free?

During registration, you can choose to make a limited but free account or pay for a subscription. You can upgrade it later for $15 to gain access to all our features.

Can kids use SelfCAD?

Absolutely! Kids will find our shape generators, sculpting tools, and 3D drawing features easy and fun to use! In addition, SelfCAD has partnered with MyMiniFactory to provide our users with a database of ready to print 3D designs. This will definitely spark curiosity and creativity.

Who was SelfCAD designed for?

SelfCAD is for everyone; from beginners, who are just entering the world of 3D design, to experts who will appreciate some of SelfCAD’s more advanced and unique features. Students, whether at school or at university, will especially benefit from the SelfCAD experience as they gain real-world CAD skills and carry these with them into their professional careers.

Where can I find all the shortcuts in SelfCAD?

Here's a short video where to find a list of the shortcuts in SelfCAD: click here.

How does the "free account" work?

Not sure if SelfCAD Premium is for you? Don’t worry! You can try it for free and cancel at any time.

Does SelfCAD own my designs?

No. The user who created the design or object has permanent, unrestricted ownership of his/her content; and this content is protected by all the relevant copyright laws. NOTE - SelfCAD reserves the right to use model visualizations which have been published by users on our forums, blog or in other public galleries (such MyMiniFactory, Instagram, Facebook, etc) for marketing purposes. See our User Agreement for more information.

Is SelfCAD available and operational on my phone or tablet?

SelfCAD for mobile devices is coming soon. The tablet version of SelfCAD is under development right now and will be launched shortly. However, if you have a high-resolution tablet, you can test and play around with the current version. But we do recommend that you wait for the release of the final, complete, tablet-friendly version of SelfCAD to get the most out of this amazing feature.

Which Operating Systems and browsers does SelfCAD support?

We support Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as Mac and Linux. SelfCAD runs on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Can I use SelfCAD on multiple computers?

Yes. Not only you can use it on multiple computers, but your objects and scenes which are saved on the cloud will also be available from any computer after you log into your SelfCAD account.

Why is SelfCAD unique and what makes it so good?

SelfCAD was designed and created by a forward-thinking team that saw the need for an intuitive, user-friendly, easy-to-learn CAD software package that was still powerful and authentic. With SelfCAD, you don’t need to launch multiple programs to design, customize, and print an object — it’s all there in one program. Furthermore, we wanted it to be accessible and affordable, especially for students and first-time users.

How is Free Account Different from Paid Subscription?

The free account allows data motion inside SelfCAD. That means you cannot export your design and download it to your computer.

The paid subscription gives unlimited access to all features within SelfCAD. Including intuitive UI, modeling and sculpting tools, deformations, and modifications. You can export to 40+ formats, download 3D models, upload your work straight to MyMiniFactory account, and your Facebook profile. You can upload any STL object and modify it. The paid subscription allows printing directly from the browser.

How can I import my STL to SelfCAD?

There are two ways you can do this.

1. Go to File > Import then select your STL file.

2. Alternatively, you can select your STL file and simply drag and drop it in the workspace.

Please see this video tutorial to learn more.

Are SelfCAD’s 3D design video tutorials free? Where can I find them?

Yes, they are 100% free! Whether you're an experienced designer or new to 3D, we encourage all new users to take a few moments to go through the tutorials. You can find the tutorials on our YouTube channel.

What are system requirements for SelfCAD online and desktop versions?

  • Online version: browsers with support for WebGL - latest Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. For specific browser version, check


  • Desktop version: Windows 7 64-bit and later or MacOS 10.14 "Mojave" and later