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  • SelfCAD does not require months of training and is not limited to engineers and mathematicians.
  • SelfCAD was designed by creative individuals with a goal to simplify the user interface and remove scientific naming for otherwise simple tools.
  • SelfCAD does not believe in the "kitchen sink approach", yet, believes that it need to include advanced modeling, sculpting, and preparing for 3D printing tools.
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  • SelfCAD does not believe in teaser products. With its powerful tools and friendly design; you can modify existing, create simple, or model complex objects and prepare for 3D print, without ever requiring to purchase any additional software.
  • Our partner allows you to get thousands of existing objects and submit your amazing designs directly from within the SelfCAD editor.
Prepare for 3D Print
SelfCAD’s mission is to make 3D designing and printing accessible to everyone, including professional designers, as well as hobbyists and students who have little to no prior expertise using CAD/CAM software. One of the greatest achievements of SelfCAD is its simplicity and a low entry price point. Advanced shapes can be created within minutes using various shape creators.
SelfCAD is an online browser-based CAD/CAM platform which allows the user to model, sculpt, slice and print online. With SelfCAD, users do not have to spend months learning complex software and pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege. SelfCAD is about simplicity, affordability and accessibility. Designers can learn, create, and print objects in a fraction of the time required with traditional CAD/CAM software.
CAD/CAM Platform
SelfCAD’s slicer is exceptional because it allows 3D printing straight from the application. The slicer includes preset profiles, so users can simply select a profile, customize the design’s support structure, infill, or choose from many other of the application’s advanced settings.
SelfCAD allows storing and sharing of objects directly in the cloud, so one never has to worry again about leaving a flash drive at home. Gone are the days of losing an object or edit because it was created on a different device. Because all objects are stored in the cloud, SelfCAD’s complete end-to-end platform also mitigates the cost, time and effort associated with moving large files.