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SelfCAD adds 3d rendering capabilities

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Image of the Render

After months of hard work, SelfCAD has launched a new update with one of the most sought-out 3D modeling tools, the Render.

With this update, SelfCAD has become the first complete, all-in-one CAD software available online, as now, it offers a complete set of tools that allow you to perform any operation without the need to switch between the software in the middle of the process. Now you won't need an expensive PC and dozens of licenses to finish your designs. With SelfCAD, all you need is the connection to the internet to model, sculpt, animate, slice, and print, and now, render your designs as well!
What is rendering?

Rendering is a process of generating 2D images based on a 3D model with computer software. A good comparison to rendering is photography, as both of them bear many similarities. And not only because their goal is to create the best-looking image of the object as possible, but because of how they work.

When rendering, just like in photography, you are using the camera to position it towards the object to create a photo. Rendering, however, allows you to set up other parameters to improve the quality of the picture. With the help of the software, you can customize settings such as color, lighting, and shadows to make it as realistic as possible.

Rendering is one of the most sought-out tools in any 3d modeling software. As such, it is just as popular. It's used by various industries such as architecture, simulations, games, movies, visual effects, and many more to give their models a photorealistic look that you can enjoy in the end product. As mentioned before, rendering adds shadows, lighting, and reflections to achieve that effect.

As Rendering was improving, people developed a number of different techniques to use it. However, no matter which one you use, their goal is always the same. We will touch upon different rendering techniques in another blog post dedicated to explaining the Rendering tool in detail.

How to use Rendering in SelfCAD?

To access any tool in the SelfCAD software, you will have to sign in if you have the account or sign up if you don't have one yet. Once you're signed in, you can launch the editor. You will find the Rendering tool in the top right section of the main toolbar, in between Animation and Tutorials tools.

To use the 3D Rendering tool and generate the high-resolution image, you will have to download and install the SelfCAD Rendering extension. The software will prompt you to do so once you open the Rendering tool. There are two versions, one for Windows and the other one for MacOS, so choose and install the one dedicated to your operating system.

SelfCAD render app

SelfCAD Rendering engine is quite powerful, which is why it requires you to download the extension. It allows you to generate designs with excellent lighting, reflections, and shadows.

There are two sections where you can customize the quality of the Render. However, before you begin, you should crop the section that you want to appear in the final Render.

The first section is called Rendering, where you can customize settings such as World Lighting, Background Plate, and Image Quality. You can select each of them by choosing them from the drop-down list and customizing the settings within.

Rendering settings

Once you specify the settings in the Rendering section, you can focus on customizing the Postprocessing options. You can switch between the sections by simply clicking on them. In Postprocessing, you will find options to adjust the Brightness, Gamma Correction, and the color of your Render. Once you are satisfied, you can click on the Start Rendering button at the top to begin the process. Once it's complete, you can either choose to save the image if it meets your criteria or choose to discard it and start over.



If you have any questions about the software or any of its tools, you can contact SelfCAD by email through You can also join SelfCAD University, where you can post your questions and share your thoughts on the topic.

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