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Can I download the video tutorials?

No. For privacy reasons we do not allow the downloading of our video tutorials.

I want to contribute a plugin to improve SelfCAD’s functionality. Does SelfCAD support plugins?

Yes, but this feature has not been released yet. The public plugins API, and related documentation, is planned and we will make a special announcement about this soon. Stay tuned!

Where can I go for more information and updates?

Check our blog regularly for more information and updates.

I saw a cool math function that generates impressive shapes and objects. Can I use this function in SelfCAD?

Once we allow the use of plugins, these types of functions will become available. If you have any cool ideas for SelfCAD, please send us your suggestions directly to info@selfcad.com. We might even create the first plugin based on your recommendation!

Will SelfCAD support plugins in the future?

Yes. Plugin support is in the plan for future enhancements. In fact, our developers designed SelfCAD with this functionality in mind from the outset. We will post an update regarding the support of plugins on our blog soon.

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