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I got lost in the scene. How do I reset the camera?

Click the ‘Reset Camera’ icon (located in the camera function’s top panel) or press Ctrl + 0. Check out this video to learn more. 

How can I make my object smoother?

Try using the ‘Round Corners’ function to smooth out the entire shape, or use ‘Bevel Edges’ or ‘Smooth Brush’ to smooth out parts of the object. For solely visual purposes, try using 'Smooth' from Scene panel. Check out this video to learn more.

What units does SelfCAD use? What will the size of the final print be?

1 SelfCAD unit = 1 mm when object is sliced and printed. 

You can watch this video tutorial to learn more about the measurement tool.


How do I select/unselect an object?

To select/unselect an object, click on it with your left mouse button. To select all objects simultaneously, click ‘Edit’ and choose 'Select All'. To select multiple things, either click on them one by one or right-click and drag(only works if you are using Firefox or Chrome).To unselect all objects, click anywhere but the objects on your workspace Check out our blog post to learn more on selecting and scaling objects in SelfCAD. 

Can I set custom hotkeys?

We are working on this feature and will add it very soon!

How do I zoom? How do I move the camera?

To zoom in and out: Switch to camera zoom mode (located in the camera function’s top panel). You can then use your mouse’s scroll toggle, use your laptop’s trackpad (move two fingers up and down), or the + and - keys on your keyboard to zoom in and out. To move/pan camera: Switch to camera pan mode (located in the camera function’s top panel). You can then press down scroll on your mouse and move the mouse (if available) or simply use the top/bottom/left/right keys on your keyboard to pan. See this video tutorial to learn m

How to Create a hole in an object in SelfCAD

Use the Difference option of the stitch and scoop tool. You can watch this video to learn more. 

How can I Trim Profiles in SelfCAD?

Select the profiles you need to trim using the selection modes of SelfCAD then you can delete them and use the extrusion tool to increase the polygons. See this video to learn more.  

How can I cut objects in pieces?

Select the part of the object you want to cut out and choose 'Split' in 'Utilities'. Check out this video to learn more.

How do I turn a drawing into a 3D model in SelfCAD?

After drawing your model, use the fill polygon tool to convert the drawing into a 3D model. You can then use the Add thickness tool to add more. Check out this Gif to learn more. 


I am trying to download/export a few objects, and nothing happens after I click ‘Export as an STL’. Am I doing something wrong?

Most likely your browser is blocking the downloading of multiple files. Please check your browser settings.

Can I download my objects or save them on my device?

Yes. You can download your objects by selecting the Export option from the File drop-down menu. Once the Export popup window appears, simply select the desired downloading format. The feature is not available for Free Account users. However, as a Free Account user, you can export your models for free to MyMiniFactory and later download your model from there.

How do I align objects together?

You can try to place them together by hand or use the Align tool. A step-by-step guide can be found here.

I noticed that SelfCAD supports transparent objects. Does that mean I print transparent 3D objects?

Transparency is only for rendering; so, no, you cannot print transparent objects. 3D objects will be printed as a solid object, regardless of the opacity setting used during the design process.

Can SelfCAD be used to create furniture?

Yes. You can use the free-hand drawing and sketching tools of SelfCAD to create furniture easily from scratch. Or you can also draw your model and import it to SelfCAD and trace around it using the drawing tools and later turn the drawing into a 3D model. Please see this video tutorial to learn more.

How can I cut away or make a sloping easily on an object?

To cut away some parts of the model, use the selection tools to select the part(s) and use the Chamfer tool found in the modify section of the toolbar. To chamfer the whole object, turn off the fill polygon option in the fill settings of the Chamfer tool. Check out this video to learn more.

How can I inflate edges in SelfCAD?

Use the edge selection tool to select the edges and then use the inflate tool found in the deformation section to inflate the edge.

Please this video to learn more.


How to access SelfCAD Shortcuts

To access all the keyboard shortcuts of SelfCAD, click on the Keyboard shortcuts option on the Top-right section of the SelfCAD interface. You can watch this video on Youtube to learn more.

How can I hollow out an object?

To hollow out your object you can use Stitch&Scoop, select the polygons and delete them (all our 3D shapes are empty inside) or 'Flatten' the object then use 'Inflate'. Click here for a helpful step-by-step guide.

What is the difference between the Extrusion and Add thickness tools of SelfCAD?

Both tools are used in converting polygons into 3D models but the difference is the extrusion tool creates a surface model (shape design) where’s add thickness creates a solid model (geometric description of the model). See this video to learn more.

When I change UV settings of one texture, the other textures change too

Please check if the objects are grouped Group is considered as one object hence UVs are changing for all it’s parts

Can I export my models?

To download your models, you can click on File>export then choose. Though the free account doesn’t allow one to download the models, you can save it to the cloud or on Myminifactory. Watch this video to learn more about how to download your designs. 

Can you move/scale/rotate selected edges/vertices/faces?

Sure! Select edges/vertices/faces using ‘Polygon Selection’ and then use the desired transformations in the same way you would use them for shapes. 

You can check out this article to learn more.


How do I use a trackpad to control the camera?

Click and drag to rotate the camera. Using two fingers with the correct technique, you can also move the camera up and down and zoom in and out. Try using the rotation cube to easily get certain angle views.

Can I texture an object in SelfCAD?

Yes! Select your object and click at 'Material', between 'Color' and 'Opacity'. You'll find a selection of default textures there and an option to import your own. 

Please see this video to learn more.


I want to import an XYZ object but SelfCAD does not support it. Can SelfCAD add support for the XYZ files format?

Currently, we support only the most common file formats: STL (binary and text format), MTL, PLY, DAE, and SVG. We plan to add support for additional file formats soon, of a series of plugins.

Where can I get more advanced shapes?

SelfCAD users can access the MyMiniFactory library, which consists of over 30,000 ready-to-print objects. Simply download the object you want from MyMiniFactory within the SelfCAD application (you will need a separate MyMiniFactory account). You have access to thousands of amazing objects without having to create them from scratch. 

You can check out this video to learn more.

How can I create 3D text?

Our 3D drawing tool allows you to draw/type 3D text on planes and on shapes. Simply click on the plane, or shape you would like to draw on and select the drawing tool. You will notice an option for adding text.

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