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I have created my design in SelfCAD and now I want to print it. What printing material or polymer should I use in the 3D printer?

Check out our blog to learn more about printing materials.

I cannot find my 3D printer on the list. How do I add a custom 3D printer?

It's best to directly ask us to add it via support@selfcad.com. You'll be able to use your printer in less than a day!

If you'd like to make your own 3D printer profile, go to SelfCAD Editor -> 3D Print.

And click 'Open profile editor'.

How to print a solid object?

What you're looking for is the Infill option in the Slicer.

To print a solid object you have to increase the Infill setting in the FDM Slicer

Once you open the FMD slicer, you will find this option in the Settings panel on the left side of the screen, and upon extending the Infill drop-down list, you'll find two options, Infill Density and Infill Pattern. To print a truly solid object, you should start with changing the Density to 100, which will completely fill the inside of the print. You can also experiment with the Pattern to see what will fit you best (you'll find descriptions for each Pattern in the tooltip).

How do I know if my design is printable?

We have created a special function known as ‘Magic Fix’ to help you in this regard. Simply select the object or objects you want to print, and apply the Magic Fix function. SelfCAD will then prepare your object for flawless printing. For example, Magic Fix will repair faults in manifolds, flipped faces, poor boundary edges, and erroneously intersecting objects.

Sliced object is full of holes that should not be there. What's wrong?

Such holes will appear if one or more faces/polygons of your model are flipped.

You can check for flipped faces with the back face culling display mode available in SelfCAD

In SelfCAD, you can check for flipped faces with the Back Face Culling display mode, found in the right-side panel. If a face/polygon is flipped, it will appear transparent, so if that happens to you, you'll know what's wrong with the model.

When you find any flipped faces/polygons, you can fix them with the use of the Flip Normals tool in the Utilities

How to fix it? There is the Flip Normals tool in the Utilities drop-down list that will do the trick.

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