Why You Need to Outsource 3D Modeling Services

 |  Anastasia Stefanuk

As you know, outsourcing ensures efficiency and competency, access to a skilled workforce, cost savings, and increased and improved flexibility and customer service. It’s not different in the case of contracting out 3D modeling services as well. This article details the crucial importance of externalizing 3D modeling services. Let’s jump in.

What Is 3D Modeling?

3D modeling is forming virtual models to demonstrate the size, shape, appearance of the object, and other characteristics with maximum accuracy. In essence, it is the creation of three-dimensional designs and graphics using computer programs. Modern computer graphics allow the implementation of super vivid models.  

In addition, performance is usually more time-consuming than initial 2D designing. 3D technology will enable you to present the model from all angles and eliminate flaws identified in the process of its creation.

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Reasons Why You Will Need to Outsource 3D Modeling Tasks

In 2020, XDS published a report that focused on the interaction between game development studios and outsourcing companies. The statistics were derived from 200 submissions from leading game developers and publishers around the world.

According to the XDS 2020 report, 90% of developers use the services of outsourcing studios. According to the study, most developers and publishers resort to outsourcing companies to create part or all of the 3D resources.

Fast skills development is one of the key reasons for outsourcing IT services. Often companies resort to outsourcing if they need to quickly connect high-quality professionals to new projects and perform their tasks efficiently. Instead of looking for one person at a time, training them, appointing managers, signing documents with each person, fitting in, and so on, you can simply outsource a project or specific tasks to an outsourcing studio.

The second equally important reason is the need to create more content. Saving money is also a good reason.

Types of 3D Modeling Services That Can Be Outsourced

1. Prototyping Services

Prototyping is the creationg of a representative of a physical object in a 3D modeling software. If the prototype of the product to be created is complex and it might take your team a lot of time to handle it, outsourcing it is the best option. Also, there are qualified professinals who can handle the tasks much quickly that you can or your team.

2.3D Rendering

3D rendering is where you generate realistic images of your 3D model using a rendering software. Generating a render of a design perfectly sometimes may require one to be a specilialist especially if the model is complex and you need to add other things like lighting and textures. You can easily outsource these services so that you or your team can focus on other things.

3.3D Animation

If your design needs to be animated maybe for the purpose of showing the client all the sides of the design easily, you can outsource those services. 3D animation isn't a walk in the park, it requires one to dedicate their time in order to come up with something impressive. So outsourcing these services can save you money and even time.

The Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Modeling Services

The main advantage of outsourcing is not necessarily to save money but to use the company’s resources most efficiently. It is easier for a small team to move from one project to another or wait for a new project. And the company won't have to worry about replacing or finding more appropriate projects for developers who can't keep up with the current project because the contractor will do the job. Ultimately, this synchronization reduces the overall time spent by each employee, making it easier for them to meet deadlines and milestones in the development process. 

In addition, by using outside development, client art directors can worry less about artists and developers becoming frustrated or depressed because they don't like the current project. And that means internal teams can work more efficiently and effectively because they have the opportunity to focus on more important and interesting tasks. Meanwhile, the more down-to-earth repetitive or time-consuming tasks are done on the side.

Minimum wage requirements and the current job market can make it difficult to find experienced developers who are willing to work within a budget. The same project can take weeks or months internally to hire the right people, train them, and explain what they are supposed to do. Every company has limited resources, and every employee has limited time and energy.

outsourcing 3D modeling services

Proficient outsourcing companies have:

  • Improved overall visualization of CAD prototype models.
  • Experience in a variety of industries.
  • Better representation of engineering designs.
  • Experience using international standards and best practices in 3D services.

Average Cost of Various 3D Modeling Services

Several points influence the final cost of creating a three-dimensional model in the production process. The main ones are the following:

  • The complexity of the task set by the client
  • The urgency of its implementation

The level of complexity, in turn, is also determined by a set of conditions, including:

  • Structural complexity of the object. This implies an abundance of elements and details in the subject, in other words, a large number of components. Concise, minimalist lines and shapes of the prototype greatly simplify the process of creating it.
  • Desired level of customer image processing, all of its most minor nuances. Experts conventionally distinguish three degrees of detail - high, medium, and low. The higher it is, the more realistic the final result and the higher the cost of 3D modeling services.

A separate pricing factor are special customer requirements, discussed in each individual case. According to Payscale, the average cost of 3D game designer in the USA is $65,289, in the UK - $86,370, in Germany - $58,920, in India - $54,438, in Ukraine - $31,221. Average cost of a 3D project designer in the USA is $74,111, in the UK - $94,851, in Germany - $63,880, in India - $57,191, in Ukraine - $34,540. Average cost of a 3D poster designer in the USA is $54,230, in the UK - $78,167, in Germany - $58,354, in India - $44,900, in Ukraine - $28,120.

What to Look For Before Choosing a Designer or Company to Outsource Your Services To?

The benefits of outsourcing will be possible if the essential condition is met: the right contractor, namely the outsourcing company. So how do you save time and choose a worthy outsourcer? Here are a few tips:

1.Do not chase cheapness: as they say, high-quality services cannot be too cheap by default. Of course, the price should not reach exorbitant heights, but also not tend to zero. Stick to the rule of "golden mean" while no one has canceled.

2.Do not trust the unsubstantiated promises of the representatives of the outsourcing organization. Of course, the developed art of self-presentation is always recommended. But concrete examples from life must support it. Look through the list of completed projects and clients, which must necessarily be present somewhere on the outsorcerer's website. Carefully read the reviews. Have a personal conversation with the customers of the company you are trying to approach. This information will become the main argument "for" or "against" to choose the company.

3.Assess whether the outsourcing company is ready to adjust its specific solutions to your needs. You should try to understand right away whether you can find a common language and how responsibly the outsourcer is ready to fulfill his task. Whether he is not imposing unnecessary services on you, and whether he is not trying to mislead, claiming that he will bring your "so terribly working" information system in order at once.

4.Note the technical support service. We all know that customers are impatient. Therefore, to make it convenient and easy for managers to process requests and for the company to prosper and not to lose customers, the HelpDesk services were created - an innovative and suitable customer support system. Look for a company with an IT department with a great tech support team and advanced helpdesk services. A fully managed service is when outsourcing providers can take full responsibility for all IT maintenance and support. Alternatively, they could help the internal IT team, sometimes called IT support, typically adopted by large organizations. Usually, the services of outsourced IT support providers are more cost-effective than building your team, and you can expect to pay a flat monthly fee or charge per user.

outsourcing 3D modeling services

Where Can You Go and Get Qualified 3D modelers?

A 3D designer is a specialist in designing game characters, textures, and other three-dimensional objects. Volumetric graphics are used in different areas: from interior and landscape design to the creation of advertising banners, videos, and clothing. Depending on the field, specialists differ in the type of activity.

So in order to get the most qualified personnel, you need to know specifically what you need. If you require an expert 3D rendering artist, you can go to platforms like Easyrender.com. If you will need a place to get 3D designers specialized in different areas, you can go to Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, Guru.com, CADcrowd.com, and Fiverr.com. 

If you can’t outsource your services for various reasons, you can easily create them in SelfCAD with much ease. SelfCAD helps you speed up the design process, whether you're just getting started or want to impress existing customers. Vital tools for modeling, rendering, and modifying will allow you to prepare your project in much less time than with other traditional CAD software products.


Three-dimensional modeling is a truly unique technology, behind which lies the future of many business projects. It offers all of humanity unique opportunities to realize the future of an object fully. The introduction of such technology leads to savings in resources, simplification of work, and expansion of possibilities.

To sum it all up, we’ve gone through the necessity, different types, benefits, reasons, and the cost of outsourcing 3D modeling services. Never forget to get hold of the best 3D software and designers. No compromise there! Hope you find this article informative and valuable. Kindly reach out to us if you have any queries or doubts. We’ll get back to you in a flash.

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