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Why Product Design and Development is Important

 |  Tiffany Harper

Why Product Design and Development is Important?

One of the main challenges in marketing is how to present products to customers in a way that they will get attracted to them so that you make good sales. Regardless of how useful your product is, if it isn't presented to the consumers well, it becomes very hard to sell it. Branding the product and creating materials for marketing is always a real challenge as it's costly and time-consuming at the same time. This is because sometimes you can create interesting packages of your product but isn't received well by the consumers and are forced to redo everything and this is where now product design and development comes into play.

Product design and development help you prepare product designs that attract the attention of your consumers. Making changes to the design is also easier especially when a 3D modelling software is being used.

One of the main reasons many products sell in their thousands and are successful in the market is product design. That’s how important a good product design is. We’re at a time when customers have the power to recommend products to other people through avenues such as social media to boost sales. So you must be able to win them over with your product design. 

Product design has continued to evolve in the past few years, especially for big businesses. Consequently, this has led to more customers and more sales for businesses. It is vital that this evolution continues and reaches more companies and industries. That's why this article discusses what product design is, its benefits, and why it brings in more customers. 

What’s Product Design? 

This is the arrangement of the benefits and features of a product, and it is a presentation to customers. In the end, the design itself might be beneficial to the customers. It is essential for a brand or organization because it helps to differentiate them from other brands. For instance, even though Van Heusen and Arrow both produce shirts, customers can still distinguish between shirts made by both brands. This is because they have different product designs.


Importance of Product Designs to Making More Sales

Importance of Product design and Development

When it comes to marketing a product and selling more of a product, the product design is of extreme importance. It can be the difference between a product that’s successful in the market and one that doesn’t make many sales. Here’s why it is important:

  • In competing with other brands in the market, you must make sure that you have the best product design among all your competitors. You are likely to attract more customers to your brand and your product if you have a better product design than all your competitors. 
  • Product design helps to pull crowds towards a product. This is a common thing in the technology market for products such as smartphones and laptops.
  • Product design also plays a crucial role in heavy machinery and similar services. The design can be what differentiates machines, the difference between chaos and efficiency.
  • There are different forms of product design, and the more acceptable a product design becomes in the market over time, the bigger the organization’s brand becomes in the market. For instance, Nokia built its brand mainly on the feedback of “User-friendly phones,” it was just a product design maneuver in reality, and it worked for them.
  • Packaging is a very strong point of influence. So it also plays a significant role in the product design. It is, therefore, the company's lady sales point. A product will do much better in the market if it has good packaging within its product design. This will take it a long way.


How Product Design Influences Consumer Behavior

It is common knowledge that product design heavily influences customer behavior. Many brands are built mainly on their product designs and have continued to remain strong. These are popular brands such as BMW’s American Tourister, Rolls Royce, and Louis Vuitton.

What these brands do is offer features that other brands don't offer. This means that brands that invest more in their product design and involve the customer or carry them along during the design process are likely to get a much higher ROI, as most customers will choose them over their competition. The reason is simple; the customers will love the product design because they were carried along, so they find it friendly. 

How to Create Product Design That Wins More Customers

Importance of product design and development

Now that you realize the importance of product design, there are certain things that you should consider when creating your product design so that it stands out and wins more customers. 

  • Convenience

It would help if you considered the level of convenience that customers will get from using your product. Ask yourself, why are you using the products that you use? These products are likely convenient, so it's easier to work with them. You will confuse your customers if you create products with complex processes, but you will win their hearts if your products are simple and convenient. You only have the first time to convince them, so you must make it count. 

During your product design process, you must ask yourself what you would expect from the product if you are the end-user. What does it need to be more convenient? How can you improve it? Think from the customers’ point of view. 

  •  Seek to create a ‘WOW’ moment

For every customer that loves the product that you create, they had a ‘WOW,’ moment when they were blown away and fell in love. A typical instance is how MacBook's magnetic charger “magically” leaves your fingertips to connect to the plug. You are going to be wowed when you see this happen for the first time. It will make you love the product even more. 

An essential stage in creating the ‘WOW’ moment for your customer is the prototyping stage. While you might want to overlook a particular feature, it just could be what would make your customers love your product. Sometimes, it could be an unnecessary feature but can help your product stand out among competitors in the market. 

  • Create a simple product

You could make your customers feel silly if you create complex and hard-to-use products. Few of them might not come back to try it out again, while some others could give it a second go. However, after two trials, and they still don’t get it or know how it works, they abandon the product (and, in many cases, the brand). This is why it is important that your process is simple and that you consider the customer while creating the product. Be sure to provide details that are easily digestible on how to use the product. You can also discover your customers’ pain points during their customer journey by testing the product with different people to figure out the common problem experienced while using the product. 

  •  Consider global trends

Look for new markets and identify gaps you can take advantage of in your invention and product design. A typical example is during the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the world. This led to an increase in demand for specific products. Products that typically sold more were ventilator parts, hand sanitizers, face masks, and other homeworking products. These products were in very high demand, and countries even fought to have some of these products. They became big money makers overnight, which led to overdrive in the product design industry. Also, many became invaluable suddenly due to the pandemic, such as reusable coffee cups and suitcases. If there are opportunities for you to act quickly to make a profit, you need to look into the situation and solve the problem to make things easier for your customers.

Product Design Processes

There are three main processes involved in product design.

  • Observation/Analysis: you observe the customers and try to understand what they want and the possible hindrances to their purchase.
  • Ideation: this is the stage where different prototypes are created depending on concepts. These concepts are simply ideas, and you have to study them carefully to figure out the best ones. This requires creativity. There are various programs that you can make use of in preparing the prototypes of your product. But I would recommend using SelfCAD as it can help you design both simple and complex designs without taking much time as it is easy to use. After preparing your prototypes, sometimes you might require to print them in 3D and hence you will require 3D slicing software. SelfCAD has an in-built slicer that you can use to slice the model and generate the G-Code that can be sent to the 3D printer for 3D printing.


Importance of product design

  • Implementation/Synthesis: after finalizing the prototype of a product, you can launch it and take it up for mass production if it is approved. 


Product design is essential for the success of all products. Any product that is successful in the market likely owes its success to a successful product design. You can use SelfCAD software to draw 3D models for your product design with much ease. You should put the information in this article to mind when creating your product design. This will ensure that you grab your customer's attention, win more people, and encourage buyers. 

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