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Where to Find and Hire the Best Architectural Rendering Professionals

 |  Matteo Larice

5 Websites Where to Find and Hire 3D Rendering Professionals

Architectural rendering is a very convenient and remarkable process that the overall advancement of our technology has enabled in modern times. If you have the proper 3D software at hand, you can create very photorealistic visualizations.

3D rendering can bring all your architectural ideas to life, which is crucial, as we’ll show you. In the past, designers and architects only worked with sketches and drawings to present their ideas to clients. Now, these designers can create realistic 3D models, animations, and images.

The beauty of 3D rendering lies in the fact that these ideas can be realistically presented to the client way sooner than the actual construction has begun. However, as our research in this field has shown, most clients want to see what a project will look like in advance.

where to get 3D rendering professionals

When you get to the point where you require the perfect 3D artist, searching for the right ones can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ll list out some of the best platforms available online, where you can easily find professional freelancers for the best architectural rendering.

Also, we’ll list out the benefits of 3D rendering and save you time from overthinking whether it’s a useful solution or not. Working with a professional 3D rendering company can also be very fulfilling other than hiring a freelancer. So we’ll tackle that topic as well.

Where to find professional freelance 3D rendering artists and how to hire them

where to get 3D rendering professionals

Being aware of the latest rendering in architecture and how lively and fast it can bring any project to life will lead you to search for artists. Such an artist will design professional visuals for any interior, industrial, or architectural project you need.

However, you always want to be sure that you hired the best one who won’t take all the money from your pockets yet complete the task to a T. A 3D rendering artist is an essential figure for your company, after all. That artist makes a visual representation of your brand and your business.

If the representation isn’t done correctly, the overall reputation of your business is facing a rapid drawback. The following list of platforms will help you find out where and how to hire a professional 3D rendering artist if you are a small or medium-sized business.

The top resources and websites where you can find them are as follows:

Easy Render 

Easy Render is probably the best and most convenient online marketplace that is very easy to navigate. It is a highly reputable platform dedicated to Architectural Rendering as well as 3D Visualization. Primarily, it’s designed for designers, engineers, and architects who are looking for a 3D rendering professional.

How does this work? Namely, the client can post a job offer through the Easy Render portal that will be visible to all artists on the platform. Then, those artists available to work on that particular project will give their offers to the client.

That way, the client will find the best 3D artist who will be capable of completing the project very fast. Other than optimizing this hiring procedure, the Easy Render platform also offers collaboration which is achieved through direct feedback on the artwork from the clients.

File transfers and the payment process are also easily plausible through an exclusive web application offered by Easy Render. What is always guaranteed on this platform is high-quality work that meets the standards of each work offered on the artists’ portfolios.

Easy Render offers a palette of 3D artists from over 60 countries in the world, boasting quick access to talent, job opportunities, and competition. When it comes to 3D visualizations and architectural rendering, you can be confident that Easy Render will deliver what you need.

The visual tools available online can ensure accurate feedback, which only leads to faster delivery. The vast choice of skills and styles that can be found on this platform guarantees that each client can find the right 3D artist who will complete the requirements professionally. 


where to get 3D rendering professionals

Upwork platform. Image source:

Online profiles of skilled 3D architectural professionals on Upwork will have their resumes, details about their work, and other content you can thoroughly read in your search. When you face a 3D rendering professional profile on this platform, you need to take some crucial steps.

First, read their work experience, i.e., their experience other than Upwork. For example, if there is a link on their profile to a design they have done for a famous client, be sure to visit it. Next, always check for feedback they received from other clients. This can help you see if they are suitable for you.

Testimonials of the clients who have done business with that particular designer can also aid you tremendously when you have to make your pick. Naturally, you should also check their portfolio and see what skills they offer.

Most professionals should have all of these skills covered: 3D Rendering, Interior Design, specializing in Architecture, Concept, High-Quality 3D architectural rendering, and other 3D architectural rendering services. 

Cad Crowd 

This marketplace is a lot similar to Easy Render. The only difference is that Easy Render is more architecture and interior design-oriented, whereas Cad Crowd pays more attention to modeling, 3D artwork, and design.

The most prominent benefit of Cad Crown is that you can create mini-contests for artists, where they will upload their work based on the needs you set up for a certain project. This is a perfect way for you to see who invests most in their design and who is the suitable freelancer for your business.


At ArchiCGI marketplace, you can find some of the best artists on the planet. If you have a big enough project and have a big enough budget to invest in state-of-the-art visualizations and renderings, this platform is the best option for you.

How can you contact these professional designers? Simple. Contact them through their specified website that you can find on the ArchiCGI platform. Then, based on their schedules and prices, you will see which one can complete and meet the standards you require.


Yes, it’s true that Craigslist is a bit controversial and that many think that it may not always be the most reliable option. However, if you are human, you must have used Craigslist at least once or twice in your lifetime. So that Star Wars mug is not going to sell itself, right?

For our purposes here, and for when it comes to considering 3D rendering artists, Craigslist should not be discarded at all. It can be quite an effective platform to find very skilled local freelancers. So why is it important that your freelancer is local?

Simply because many architects do prefer to meet with a 3D rendering artist in person before they offer them the job. This is not overestimating the requirements at all. On the contrary, this only builds a firmer and more confidential relationship between the artist and the employer. 

The top benefits of 3D rendering you should be aware of

Rendering is just a fancy word for “create.” 3D rendering, in mundane terms, is simply using a specific 3D rendering software on your computer to make a video or an image that is based on 3D shapes. In other words, that’s how you create a 3D model that every architectural business requires.

Rendering does take up a lot of time when done professionally, which is why choosing the best artist is essential. However, the benefits 3D rendering offers tend to surpass the actual turmoil of the work itself. The benefits that will save you time, money, and nerves which you probably haven’t been aware of, are:

It saves time and decomplexifies models for clients

Since projects can start without a delay because the 3D models are finished before the actual project has started, your time is considerably saved. It also grants swift and smooth communication between the designers and their customers, which, in turn, also saves your precious time.

In addition, each client will also understand every design through 3D rendering, and the ideas are presented realistically. From this, no miscommunication can occur whatsoever.

It grants easy approval from clients and eliminates misunderstanding 

where to get 3D rendering professionals

3D render of a house. Image source:

When a client is presented with a 3D visual, it will create excitement because the ideas are more-less completely real. This will lead to easy approval and fast agreements.

When we consider 2D graphic representations that are less realistic, misunderstandings between artists and clients can quickly occur. This is where 3D rendering plays a crucial role. Even complex parts of the design can quickly be figured out by clients, which leads to faster and more efficient deals.

Visuals are wholesome, and imagery is photo-realistic 

Wholesome pictures can only be achieved through 3D rendering. This saves the client from putting together different sets of elements by himself. Everything is already there, and being able to see the wholesome picture is always a plus.

With 3D renderings, there are numerous upsides. The CGI (Computer Generated Images) can be either static or panoramic. When they are panoramic, clients can move around and see every aspect of the design from literally every angle.

Changes are easily manageable! 

As your architectural project progresses, there can be some budget restrictions taking place. For that, you will need some aesthetic compromises. It is precisely the 3D renderings that can help you solve that issue.

The hand-drawn modifications take up a lot of time and are not that efficient. 3D renderings, on the other hand, help you make the fastest, low-budget modifications. You can make them at any time throughout the process, and they will solve the problem like a breeze. 

Why does working with a professional 3D rendering company saves time and money?

Other than professional freelancers you can easily reach on the platforms we listed above, professional and established 3D rendering companies also offer premium quality. If you are a construction firm, a real estate agency, or an interior design consultant, consider these companies.

With several conveniences we’ll list below, you should be convinced to try them out.

  1. It’s a cost-saving option - in the past couple of years, though quite unexpectedly, the cost of walkthrough animations and interior renderings has considerably dropped. A professional company can cost up to 60% less than doing the same procedure at home yourself;
  2. It’s a time-saving option - based on portfolios that you should analyze, you can select a perfect 3D rendering company that will finish the requested design and fascinate you as a client, saving your precious time as a result;
  3. They offer excellent quality - they all possess specific 3D rendering tools and resources which give them the power to solve any problems that may occur during the completion of the project you need. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be a well-established company;
  4. They can solve issues before the actual construction - professional 3D rendering companies analyze interior and exterior designs before construction. This, in turn, reduces possible problems and mistakes because there is always a quality control expert at hand;
  5. They have better infrastructure and better tools - these companies have the adequate software, tools, and proper infrastructure that is employed in your project. Project managers and dedicated team leaders will be in contact with you as a client at all times;
  6. It can increase your sales - a professional company will render images and videos for your personal portfolio. You will end up with an impressive and attractive portfolio which will play a key role in increasing your future sales;

With this in mind, you might not be hesitant to contact a professional 3D rendering company in the future. An additional step to take with either hiring a professional freelancer or a company is interviewing them.

Both freelancers and established companies will offer contact info, and it is irrelevant in this case if they are local or not. With the aid of video calls, you can interview and analyze both. Do not be lazy to take this step before actually hiring them, even if their portfolio is top-notch. 


Now you have a list of the best, easy-to-use, and reliable online platforms where you can find professional and skilled 3D rendering artists. Since we’ve also described how reaching out works as well as hiring them, you may be a step closer to completing any 3D rendering project.

Easy Render and Upwork are navigated easily, whereas Cad Crowd and the ArchiCGI platform have conveniences that save your money and time. Though a bit out of the ordinary, Craigslist can help you find artists locally and meet them in person, which needn’t be neglected.

As you’ve also got the top benefits of 3D rendering at hand, which you might not have been aware of, we hope you will consider it with a clearer mindset after our article. Remember that every business prefers to see the project before its actual completion - literally every architectural business.

3D rendering offers just that. Good luck!

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