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User Interface In a CRM Software: What You Need to Know

 |  Shaheryar

CMR User Interface Design: Key Tips

User interface in CRM

Undoubtedly, CRM is one of the core business needs in this competitive era. Since we have tons of options, the common practice is to choose a CRM with features that meet our requirements. 

Some businesses value automation, while others are looking for customization. Similarly, some businesses want a CRM that offers wide app integrations, while others want a CRM that has excellent collaboration features. 

Although these features are mandatory, they should be considered second. The first thing you should be looking at when choosing a CRM is the user interface. No matter how great a CRM is, if the user interface is complicated, you will have a tough time navigating the software. 

For this reason, I have decided to share the significance of a CRM user interface today. So, let's begin: 

What does a good User Interface mean? 

Firstly, we need to understand what a good user interface entails. It begins with the design of a CRM. Having all the key features does not mean that the interface is user-friendly. For it to be user-friendly, these features should be arranged in a way that even a beginner can use them with ease. 

But how will you check this? Many CRM designers go through a research process before designing it. For instance, if a person is designing a CRM for real estate, he can find out what people want their CRM to do, and how they use it? 

In the second step, the UX/UI Designer will create prototypes and let users assess them. This will help in identifying the gaps and shortcomings. After filling these gaps, a good user interface is born. 

How to Design Prototypes?

User interface in CRM

Designers usually use different techniques and software to prepare prototypes of designs. Using 3D modeling software is one of the easiest methods for creating prototypes. SelfCAD is an example of such software that can be used to create a prototype of any type of design. 

SelfCAD is easy to use, and you can get started just within a few weeks of learning. There are interactive tutorials that you can use to learn how to design models. Unlike the video tutorials or long articles, these tutorials are simple, straight forward, and you don’t have to struggle in following the steps or in locating the tools because everything is simplified.

In addition to using SelfCAD for preparing prototypes, you can use the interactive tutorial feature to prepare interactive tutorials that can be embedded into your website or CRM. 

Google gives us an excellent example of an ideal user interface. With its straightforward design, adoption becomes easier. From professional workers to school-going kids, everyone can easily make use of it without any training. 

I’m guessing you’ve now understood the meaning of a great user interface. Let us now see its relationship with a CRM:

To create a stunning user interface, you also need to know about 3D User Interfaces.

What are 3D User Interfaces?

3D User interface is a user interface that involves 3D interactions. A good example of a 3D user interface is a 3D spatial used for input. This is where a user enters their details in the input section by making movements in the physical 3D space.

The user’s movement is determined by the 3D positions (X, Y, and Z) and orientations (pitch, yaw, and roll). The system can track the position and orientation of the user as well as motion for the system to be used in 3D interaction. 

You can use 3D modeling software in implementing this, and we prefer SelfCAD as it’s not complex and can be used with very little 3D experience. 

Why is a good User Interface important in a CRM? 

User interface in CRM

Imagine a scenario where your CRM works like Google. It means every team member can easily adopt it and start tracking the customer interactions within minutes. If this happens, it can turn out to be a real gem for your business. Let us see how:

  • Efficient Use of Time 

If your CRM is user-friendly, you will not be wasting time resolving complications. Thus, this time will be utilized in focusing on your core business activities like data analysis, reporting, and, most importantly, building customer relations. 

  • Easy Training and Support 

Since the CRM will be straightforward and self-explanatory, employees will not feel the need for any assistance. It will work like a self-service station where every employee knows how to find help. Consequently, you won't need a large budget for training new hires. Besides this, the training sessions will also be short. 

  • High Adoption Rate 

A well-designed CRM with an excellent UI is likely to have a high adoption rate. People always love something that is easy to understand and that requires less time. Therefore, when people see that the CRM is self-explanatory, they will also recommend it to others. 

  • Easy Access of Information 

We all know that the ultimate objective of every CRM is to get access to customer information. When this access becomes easier and convenient, every employee will know how to extract information. Thus, communication with the customers will be greatly improved. Above all, instant access to consumer data will help in providing impeccable customer support. 

  • Consistent Tracking of New Leads

Organizations that are using a CRM with a complicated UI find it difficult to follow leads consistently. Since the interface is difficult to comprehend, some employees learn to use it while others don't. This results in losing new leads that require consistent tracking. 

Any digital marketing institute worth their salt will tell digital companies to nurture their leads for higher conversion, and a CRM will help you do that. However, it becomes challenging to harness its power and gain benefits if it has a complex interface. 

  • Automation of Sales Tasks 

CRM plays a big role in automating tasks like emailing sales documents, sending notifications and follow-up emails, etc. If a CRM features a smooth user interface, these key tasks will never be missed. Thus, customers will enjoy a commendable experience. 

Now, you must have understood the importance of a smooth user interface. But do you know how to integrate such an interface in your CRM? Here are a few points that can help: 

Tips for Integrating a Great User Interface

I have listed these tips in points. Be sure to follow each of them as they can make a big difference in your CRM. 

  • User Interface Should be set as Per the Target Audience

Unfortunately, many stakeholders think that a single user interface style can fit everyone. This is the biggest mistake ever. Can a user interface of a service-based business be the same as that of a product-based business? Never! Since both of them target a different audience, the user interface will also be different. 

  • Companies Should be Prepared to Give a Responsive Experience

A user interface is not something that is created once and then left as it is. It is something that needs to be constantly tweaked as per the user requirements. This is what the users expect and appreciate. Furthermore, users also provide feedback, and they wait to see a prompt action to that effect. 

  • Unnecessary Steps Should be avoided 

Users easily get frustrated with so many screens and steps. Why can’t things be done from a single screen? Why are the tasks divided into multiple screens? This will waste the time of the users and make them feel discouraged. So, visit each task and see why it is present there. If you can join multiple tasks on a single page, do it right away. 

Wrapping It Up 

In summary, an impeccable user interface is the heart of a CRM. There’s no use in having a CRM with distinctive features if the user interface is hard to understand. A smooth and efficient user interface helps in saving time, focusing on the core business activities, increasing adoption, and enhancing customer relationships. 

To ensure a simple interface, company’s should consider their users’ level of expertise and experience, their target market, and business processes. Following the aforementioned tips can help in creating an impressive user interface in your CRM. Even if you have a smooth interface, always be prepared to accept changes and tweak them as per the customer's expectations.  

Author Bio:

Shaheryar provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Real Estate CRM

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