Updates on RBI Regulations to Affect SelfCAD Pro users in India

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In April 2021, Reserve Bank of India released updated e-mandates for recurring payments. In compliance with these new regulations, Stripe, SelfCAD’s official payment gateway, has issued a statement

In line with the recent updates in Stripe, we’ve summarized some important points for your reference. 

RBI Regulations affect recurring payment

  • Customers must re-register all existing subscriptions via a one time process involving AFA by their issuing bank.
  • This means that if you have a SelfCAD Pro (paid) account, you need to remove your existing credit card and add it again. 
  • When you add your credit card again, your bank may send a one-time code or an approval message to confirm your subscription.
  • Once done, your recurring transactions will be all set. 

Please make sure to update your payment info to avoid losing access to your SelfCAD Pro subscription. 

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