Top Interior Design Trends You Need to Know

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10 Interior Design Trends To Adopt

Interior design of a house

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Recently people have been spending lots of time in their houses. Homes became offices, gyms, and even classrooms. The result is that people want to upgrade their homes to match their style. Modeling contractors need to understand the latest interior design trends to satisfy these individual needs.

A good home remodeling contractor can perform minor or major renovations in a home. The remodeling process can transform a kitchen or a bathroom to match personal preference. This article sheds light on the ways by which you can transform your home into a beautiful abode. So, let’s look into some of the leading interior design trends.

Main Interior Design Trends for 2021

1. 3D Modeling

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Interior designers are now using 3D modeling software to create realistic renders of houses before the actual designs. It is also easier to present the design to the client as a 3D visualization created in 3D modeling software. The 3D visualization makes it easier for clients to approve projects. Here are reasons why 3D modeling is a trend in interior design:

  • Making Amendments is easier

3D modeling makes it possible to make quick amendments to your design. A 3D modeling software allows you to shift, choose, or replace specific objects easily. This helps to save time when making design amendments. It is also possible to produce multiple design options through experiments or innovation.

  • 3D Designs Show Accurate Measurements

When using 3D designs, all the dimensions of an object can be seen clearly. 3D modeling can show a structure’s layout, spacing, and height. It is a great communication tool. When presenting a 3D model to clients, they can quickly make adjustments. For example, they can adjust arrangements to fit the desired size that will help them achieve the objective of their dream space.

People remodel their homes for various reasons. For example, a person may need to remodel a house to increase its value.  Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner looking to upgrade your space, here are a few interior design trends you should know. The following are the 9 trends you need to look out for.

2. Floral Wallpaper Design

Grand millennial or a floral grand paper creates a homey feeling. The design, also known as “granny chic,” brings out a feeling of nostalgia, comfort, and tradition. Floral wallpaper will continue to be a trend for a long time. Floral designs are timeless, like antique paintings or crochet throws. 

Today’s traditional style is reinvented to fit contemporary designs. For example, flowers provide a timeless natural beauty that you can incorporate in many colors and styles. 

Floral wallpaper designs range from beautiful watercolor to loud graphics. Wallpaper designs like cherry blossoms can put a modern spin on a dining wall. It has a bright and fun floral accent. Floral wallpaper can also fit perfectly in kids’ rooms.  Bright and bold floral-animal print wallpaper makes the kids’ room feel instantly finished.

Another trendy wallpaper option is using a mural wallpaper in the living room. Flowers and floral wallpapers will always continue to inspire and thrive. They add joy to homes.

3. Removable Wallpaper (Peel and Stick)

Removable wallpaper demonstration

Removable wallpaper. Image source:Architectural digest.

Removable wallpaper is the best solution for people who rent. These people may want to transform their space efficiently. A removable wallpaper creates dramatic effects on a wall. Sticking the self-adhesive wallpaper is a low-cost solution to upgrading a home. 

It is also quick to remove in case you no longer want it. A stick and peel wallpaper provides an extreme makeover in a space. It is an excellent DIY project, especially if a tenant does not want to remodel a house. A peel and stick design has many colors you can select.

4. Flexible Kitchen

Demonstration of a Flexible kitchen

Flexible kitchen. Image source:  

More people are embracing kitchen designs that provide more privacy. Open kitchen spaces that could accommodate large families are slowly becoming outdated. Flexible kitchens that come with open shelves and not cabinetry are trending. They also create a feeling of a more airy and spacious kitchen. 

The kitchen is known as an essential room in a house. It is sometimes called the heart of a home. When designing a kitchen, remember to include ample storage space. A flexible kitchen should have enough storage. Get creative and choose options that will work for you and your taste.

5. Industrial Styling

This is a trendy design that involves a mixture of metal and wood. Industrial styling incorporates wood, exposed stone, high ceilings, and neutral colors. It is a free-style design that is rising. People who spend more time at home seem to enjoy this type of design. 

Industrial style design is a mixture of modern and traditional designs. This style is fuss-free and known as a no-nonsense type of deco. The inspiration of industrial styling design is from warehouses, a lofty look, and factories. The architectural details are stripped back. 

Why do People Love Industrial Styling?

Some people prefer this type of design for several reasons. Some prefer its flexibility while others like that it is environmentally friendly. Here is why more people love industrial styling.


The design is easy to do. It is a pleasing style that has clean lines. It also focuses on unique textures.

Minimalistic Design

This is a simple design that creates bold statements. Some people like its simplicity. The mixture of modern and traditional looks also makes it attractive.

Environmentally Friendly

People take environmental conservation seriously. Industrial style design helps in conserving the environment through using recycled materials. Some people will like this style for this reason.

Characteristics of Industrial Design

People may wonder how you can pull off an industrial design in a home. A home remodeling professional can create this type of design. Here are some characteristics a designer needs to pay attention to.


Do not use fancy fabric. Instead, use utilitarian material that is considered hardworking fabric. Get furniture from an antique shop. Furniture for this type of design is aluminum, steel, wood, iron, and stone.


Avoid flashy colors. Instead, stick to neutral colors. Such colors are white, grey and black. You can add some moody colors that have a darker tone.


The shapes you need for an industrial design are blocky, square, and lines. Such forms promote cohesiveness in a home.


Industrial style design needs fewer accessories. Use minimal accessories, and surfaces should be clean and clear.

6. Plaster Walls Design

Design of Plaster Wall

Plaster wall. Image

Plaster walls are an old design. People applied plaster on wood strips before drywall was discovered. Installing drywall is much faster and quick compared to using plaster. When plastering a house, you apply layers of the plaster. 

This gives it a good texture and depth. The depth and texture are what make the plaster walls stand out. These types of walls have a bold look. They are visually appealing, and they add a dramatic effect to a home. Their art is unique.

7. Green Shades

The color green has become popular. Some people feel outside influence and nature is the reason for the popularity of the color green. Others feel the willingness of people to add some color in their spaces has made the color popular. 

You can use both light and dark shades of green to add drama to a kitchen. A combination of green color with marble counters can present a highlight of veining in the stone. Green works well with warm and cozy kitchens.

8. Wicker and Rattan

Nature can influence interior design. This influence is likely to be seen as a trend in most designs. Furniture that looks natural is becoming more popular. Classic furniture like rattan and wicker is made of natural material. This brings warmth to a room because of both the material itself and the color of the material. 

9. Stone Designs

Stone designs can help you create a dramatic layout and finish. Stone slabs, countertops, and ceilings are some of the areas stone designs perform well. When you think of having a design for a long time, the stone is the best choice. Stones are naturally beautiful and each one is unique. You can use them to enhance spaces and give such areas a neutral look. 

10. Refined Curves

Add a calming and soothing effect to a living room or home office with curved furniture. These will give you an instant makeover of any space. Curved furniture offers multiple benefits like softening a room and making it feel more relaxed. Rounded furniture in a room can provide a sense of freshness, clarity, and precision. 

Final Thoughts 

These are some of the leading interior design trends to look out for. Nature has inspired several of them. 

These designs can help transform the look of a home and uplift a person’s mood. Some of the designs can work well for a longer period. Others are good for a short period. A professional contractor understands how to remodel a house and apply the right design for each space. Other designs might need simple adjustments to elevate the look of a room.


A good home remodeling contractor can perform minor or major renovations in a home. Remodeling trends that contractors consider include floral wallpaper design, removable wallpaper, flexible kitchen, industrial styling, plaster walls, green shade, wicker and rattan, stone design, and refined curves. We hope you enjoyed the article and found it informative. Reach out to us if you have any queries. We will get back to you instantly.

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