Tips on How to Avoid Burnout and Succeed in Your Freelance Design Career

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8 Ways of Avoiding Burnout as a Freelance 3D Designer

surviving burnout as a freelance 3D designer

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Freelance designing is one of the dynamic careers that demands a great deal of mental strength and capability. Designing means continuously extracting out thoughts and crafting something that should be innovative and creative. It is an innovatory and creative field that demands so many things from a person. There are lots of passionate people working as designers, and we need to take a bow and cherish them. Freelancing on the other hand is the capability of one to work anywhere and any time, and this is much common among designers.

Continuously crafting new elements is the need of the designing field, and freelance designers have been doing that so well over the years. It is a very demanding and hustling job, and one needs to always give 100% with ultimate passion. Each and every person's career has ups and downs, and people need to deal with these fluctuations which can be weird. You also need to learn to avoid it. 

During the tough times in a career like freelance designing, you need to immediately activate your survival mode and be practical rather than emotional. If you are not able to survive these phases, you need to deal with burnout which will be the worst case scenario. Designers are very impassioned about their work, but the expectations are really high in this corporate world. Somehow, due to fear of expectation and heavy demand, they eventually burnout and get exhausted. 

Importance Of Designers

Almost all the sector requires designing and designers because without designing things will not be manufactured or studied. From logo designing to 3D modeling to UI/UX design, this field has multiple applications. The bitter truth here is that the development of the world wouldn't be possible without the existence of designers. Thus, designing is the field on which all industries rely on. 

How Is Survival Mode Essential For Designers?

Freelance designers who are associated with the corporate world sooner or later need to activate survival mode to stay in the competition. They need to prioritize their requirements, and this requires a proper plan. Other than that, survival mode means to showcase your qualities to the workplace and to get socially connected. These are two very important factors for surviving a career for any employee. 

There is a belief that the experienced campaigners need to make way for them because designing is a field of creativity and innovation; there is always room for fresh talents. The competition is always there, and as the fresh talent knocks the door in the corporate world, the experienced designers need to be more active and prove their worth to the companies for their survival. 

How To Stay Away From Burnout?

If a designer is facing burnout problems and at the same time looking to make his/her career survive, it is the worst-case scenario a designer could be in. Burnout is the exhaustion of the mind where designers lack the ability to create new ideas and are mentally and emotionally exhausted due to the pressure of the corporate world and continuous demand for innovation. Thus, to stay away from burnout, you need to make some efforts, and here we will further discuss essential tips to survive as well as to prevent burnout. 

According to WHO, burnout is a syndrome resulting from excessive workplace stress and pressure. 

Before getting to know the tips for avoiding burnout, let's get to know what causes burnout to designers and the reasons behind it. 

Designers put in a great deal of time and effort into getting the right and perfect design as per the client needs. After putting in all these efforts, rejection and criticism can be very hurtful and can make a person emotionally weak. The feeling of doubt arises as a result of criticism and things like that causes a person to be exhausted. According to the latest report from Indeed, the employee burnout rate is more than 50%, and it has increased drastically. 

Trust Yourself

Trust is very important for survival, even if your design is rejected. You should trust yourself and your skills that you can do it better as per the requirement. Rejections and criticism are part and parcel when you are working in a dynamic field like designing. You know your basics, and you know why you are here, so just go on and trust your abilities like you have been doing for so long. 

Hustle Is Real

Designing is the field where you need to keep hustling to showcase your extraordinary skill set. Hustle is real, and while designing, you need to activate your mind and full energy without any doubts. Let people know how you are working so hard and crafting innovative designs, because this really makes an impression on the managers that your attitude towards work is strong, and that is good for your career. 

Don't Lose Focus And Take Break

avoiding burn out

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Focusing and mental stability are very important when you are designing. Continuously working from one design to another without any rest or break may result in poor design. Thus, take advantage of services like ubereats and enjoy good food from favorite restaurants to refresh your mind during the break. A fresh mind is necessary, so take a break and then go at it again with a fresh mind to better focus and design well. These are little things that can affect greatly, and which most designers don't realize. 

Be Smart In Your Approach

As a designer, you need to adopt a pattern of your own when you are designing. Go over your previous experiences where you received appreciation and figure out how you approached designing at that time. Create a pattern and follow it, and in that, your problem will be solved, and your work will keep on raising the bar. 

For example, you can make 3D designing easier and simpler by using simple but powerful programs like SelfCAD instead of using complicated softwares that takes lots of your time before you are able to create anything. Getting started on SelfCAD is also easier; just within a few weeks of learning, you will be able to create both simple and complex designs. It’s the only software that has combined artistic, technical, rendering, animation, and 3D printing features all under one program. There are also both online and downloadable versions.

Don't Do It For Appreciation, Do It For Your Passion.

This is very important to you as a freelance designer; you should always be passionate and do it for passion. Once you divert your mind to only getting an appraisal, your work may start getting poor, and that will cause problems in your freelance design career. Yes, you need to be successful, but if you work passionately to create the design, your career will eventually shine more. Excellence is what you should follow, then success will follow you.

Develop Corporate Working Skills

You are not your own boss when you are working in a corporate sector because there will always be demands and pressure in the environment. To survive in your design career when you are working in a corporate sector, you need to have some typical corporate job skills. 

Punctuality is one of the important skills. Other than that, maintaining working hours, being more productive, and working overtime are some of the things you need to learn for a good design career in the corporate world. 

Be Self-Motivated

Motivation is very important in avoiding burnout and surviving as a designer. The best source of motivation is self-motivation. You can motivate yourself to surmount more challenges in the future. You should know why you are doing these. It is the best way to find motivation because you are doing it for passion, career, family, etc. These are the things that will motivate you to continue with your excellence in creating designs. 

Shift Your Focus Of Life Other Than Just Designing

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Ultimately, designers are humans, and they have the right to enjoy their life rather than continuously focusing on designs. You need to enjoy life with your close circle, family, children, hobbies, entertainment of choice, keeping fit, etc. Work-life balance has been gaining attention recently as most people want to do that but are somehow not able to focus on maintaining it. 

Key Intakes

  • People should not be so serious about burnout and failure because it is often just a phase of life that comes and goes
  • Your approach and attitude are the keys to surviving a design career and also for avoiding burnout. 
  • Its mind over the body when it comes to designing, and continuously growing effectively and efficiently keeps your mind calm and helps you stay away from negativity. 

Concluding Up

The designing career entails the dynamic that we all know, and in such creative fields, burnouts may happen if you lose interest or take things so seriously. It is a very demanding career, and there is always a chance of burnout when you feel downcast or have a feeling that you lack something. Thus, without taking anything so seriously, keep these tips in mind to survive a design career and avoid burnout. 

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