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Simple Design: Christmas Stars

 |  Sammy Ekaran

Here’s another popular Christmas symbol - the Star, that guided the wise men to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Nowadays it is used as a common Christmas tree decoration.

This time, we will teach you how to make your own.

1. Select a Cone from 3D Shapes. Set the measurements of your choice and needs (For example, I used the radius as 36, Height as 150 and the arc being 120) and save the changes.


2. Use Rotate to lie your cone horizontally



3. Select a Cube from 3D Shapes, and use the following measurements: Width 93, Height 192, Depth 130, Width segment 4 and Depth segment as 1 to obtain a shape like this.


4. The cube helps us to get a fitting base by cutting the base of the shape diagonally to create a shape that will be able to fit with the other shapes. Do this by Rotating the cube at a diagonal position with the cone shape and make they cut across each other as shown below.



5. Highlight the two objects by clicking on them,then use Stitch and Scoop -> Difference, highlight the cube only, click Finalize and save the changes.


6. Move the cone shape down to the workspace (Y 0), as shown below.


6. Highlight the object you are working on it and click the tools, select Copy Offsets tool, then select the number of copies you need (in this case 4 copies) and click copy. After clicking that you will be having four copies in the same position  therefore you use a Move Tool to separate them by moving them away from each other as you highlight them as they appear on the selection tools.


7. Select the polygons and using Rotate Tool, rotate them such that their bases fit to each other by help of Move Tool to move them come into contact with each other.


8. Then after ensuring that they fit together by moving them and rotation, group the objects together using Group tool. After that at the Selection tools, choose colour and click Ok, for instance the yellow colour in this case.



Your Christmas Star is ready!




A Christmas Star is usually enclosed in a box. We are also going to show how to create a Christmas star box using SelfCAD.

This is the way to create one.

  1. First you can download a reference image to help you, probably a Christmas Star. In the SelfCad software you click the View  then choose Reference image. You upload the image you downloaded. Then click Drawing tool, select Free Hand tool. Use Spline to shape it then finalize.



2. After finalizing the image, delete the reference image to remain with the drawn image. Using the Scale Tool, scale the object as shown below.



3. Then click the Tools, and choose Copy Offsets then click 1 and copy. Using Scale tool scale the copied image which is invisible untill you click on it and reduce its size a little bit. Then Scale it again and increase its height (y axis) as shown.


4. You move the scaled image downwards through the original image but ensure it does not go through the base of the original image. Highlight both images and using Stitch and Scoop tool, select difference and chooose the scaled image then finalize and the results is as shown here.



5. Using the Copy Offsets tool, click 1 and copy. Then using Rotate Tool rotate the image to face downwards, then scale to increase its size a little bit bigger than the one on bottom. Then change the colour in the Selection tools and make sure they are at an angle.



The Christmas Star Box is now ready!

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