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SelfCAD Update 2.9.2

 |  Igor Idzik

Hello, everyone!  

SelfCAD 2.92 has been deployed!  We’re always developing new features to make your 3D modeling and printing process more efficient and effective.  This time, we’ve made some pretty significant ones that you’ve never seen in SelfCAD before.

Environment Map

Enable the new Environment Map feature in the Settings dropdown menu by clicking on Environment.

content image


Add scenery and lighting to your model using the Environment settings in the tool panel and add an environment map to the Material Settings of the object.  

content image


Macro Preview

No more pesky undos and redos:  Macro Preview allows you to see the results of your macros within the advanced settings of the Extrusion and Inset tools without having to finalize them. 


content image


Profile Compatibility

You can now apply operations including Round Object, Simplify, Fillet and Chamfer to Profiles.


content image


Minimum Step Size

Now, you can set the Minimum Step Size for Transformation and Deformation tools, as well as all drawing tools.


content image


Effects for Round Object

More options and settings have been added to the Round Object tool. Find them in the Advanced Settings of the tool.


content image


Other Software Improvements

We’ve fixed some bugs and have improved the process of several already existing tools and features.


Questions?  Bugs? Please contact us directly via or join our official Facebook group here.


Until the next update,

The SelfCAD Development Team


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