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SelfCAD Educational Reseller Program

Turn Your Passion Into Profits!

Are you a 3D Designer with teaching experience? Are you looking for a way to profit from doing what you love? Look no further! SelfCAD's reseller program is here to make your dreams come true - no entrance costs and no out-of-budget investments required! So why hesitate? Join our program now!


Discover The SelfCAD’s Difference!

SelfCAD is the go-to 3D modeling application for designers looking to take advantage of the 3D printing revolution. Its unique position is owned due to the diverse toolset. SelfCAD offers both technical and artistic tools, delivered in an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

It's an all-in-one, online 3D modeling application. With just a little guidance needed, SelfCAD, due to its intuitive interface, can be mastered in a fraction of the time it takes to learn other CAD software and without compromising on design capabilities. What’s more? SelfCAD has been developed from the ground up with the goal to simplify the design flow. Combined with the intuitive UI, it allows even inexperienced users to master the software and design stunning technical and organic models alike.

SelfCAD has an in-built MagicFix and FDM slicer tools. These allow users to design, fix, and 3D Print their designs - all with the same 3D modeling application!

With a strong commitment to continue to set the standards in the online 3D modeling industry, SelfCAD continues to develop. Currently, it's adding an advanced rendering engine to accommodate requests from its SMB user base. There's no doubt that such an update will open a much bigger market for resellers.


SelfCAD Pricing Model

SelfCAD, at its core, is a software as a service (SaaS). It offers monthly and annual subscription plans, but recently, SelfCAD has released a perpetual license program. There's no doubt that such an offer provides the most attractive opportunities for resellers.


What SelfCAD expects from the resellers

What resellers can expect from SelfCAD

⦁     SelfCAD expects you have basic 3D modeling and teaching expertise so that you can quickly and successfully learn and teach SelfCAD.


⦁     Create an educational program for any audience. For example, TrihusLab is targeting 10-17-year-old kids with an interest in 3D printing. You can target the same interest group, or create a program for any group depending on your expertise.


⦁     Market your design class for your targeted audience. You can use any marketing techniques that work best for you.

⦁     Charge a reasonable class admission fee, according to what you offer in each custom class.


⦁     Offer support to your students for about three (3) months upon completion of the class. This is optional but strongly recommended that you at least include some design support.


⦁     Offer certificate of completion for all the successfully graduating students.


⦁    (Optionally) Make a contest to promote productive design amongst the students.

⦁     Education. SelfCAD will provide you with educational materials in the form of videos as well as written manuals. SelfCAD has proven educational materials that can teach any professional designer how to master SelfCAD in a matter of just a few hours.

⦁     Support. SelfCAD will assign you a professional to guide you. They will help you with any design and licensing issues, and offer any help you may need.

⦁     SelfCAD will provide your students with a free license for the duration of the course to make it easier for them to afford your class.

⦁     SelfCAD will pay you up to 50% commission from all annual or perpetual licenses you resell. The commission is negotiated based on your expertise and volume of your sales.

⦁     SelfCAD will offer discounts for licenses, up to 30% on a case by case bases.

⦁     You will never have to purchase licenses in advance. Your students can purchase them directly from the SelfCAD website, and you will collect the commissions. Alternatively, SelfCAD can give you licenses in advance for which you’ll make the necessary payment upon completion of the sale.

⦁     SelfCAD will offer your students the same, friendly customer support we offer to all of our users, regardless of our expectation that you provide support as well.

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