SelfCAD Basic Tutorial- Converting A Basic Shape Into A 3D Model
 |  Sammy Ekaran

 Converting Basic Shapes into 3D Models

SelfCAD is an easy to use CAD software created to accommodate all users regardless of their experience in 3D Modeling.  There are many simple tools that help you design models easily. You don’t need to spend hours designing your model. You can easily create your 3D models from scratch by turning the basic shapes into a 3D model.



                                                           SelfCAD Basic Shapes (Cube)


You can access the Basic Shapes from the top left section of the workspace. 

The basic shapes comprise of the cube, torus, Sphere, Cone, Cylinder, Torusknot, Icosahedron, Octahedron, Shape, Screw and nut, Spiral, and Gear.


Each of these basic shapes can be modified to generate unique models easily. In this article, we’re going to learn how to use the Shape Generator tool to create a 3D model.

Let’s get started!


Select the Shape Generator tool from the basic shapes and modify the shape by changing the radius, edge and height values (60, 58 and 18 respectively). Add another segment using the + just below it and modify the radius, height, edges, and position offset as you add the Segments till you design a similar model to the one shown below.


Check out this video to learn how you can achieve the above.

Modifying The Model

To begin, we will need to modify the top section of the model. To do this, select the polygon selection tool from the selection modes and use it to select the top part of the design.

On the Modify section of the toolbar, select the inset tool then increase the Amount settings to be more than 5 then finalize.

Select the Extrusion tool from the modify section and extrude the top section to be as shown below.



Use the scale tool to modify it further to suit your needs. 

Create a copy of the model, scale and extrude it and use it to hollow out the model.

View the model in mesh form in order to to be able to see the model well as shown below.



Delete the copied design and you will have hollowed out the model. Alternatively, you can use the Difference option of the Stitch and Scoop tool.  You can now use the magic fix tool to fix the geometry of the model so that it can be printable and you will have designed a simple vase in SelfCAD.