SelfCAD 2.9 Update

 |  Paulina Lach

2.9 Update Notes

Hello everyone! We’ve added a lot of widely requested features to SelfCAD this week. 

Here’s a full list:

- You can now create amazing animations in SelfCAD

- We added precision settings in 3d sketch tool

- Added minimum angle size, you can set the angle outside of a 90-degrees

- We've added smoothness settings for the text

- Fixed Drawing in 3D

- We have new, precise way to cut objects using drawn lines

- Added part selection in polygon selection

- Improved Loft tool

- Added snap tool

- Gradients 

- Improved group logic with a tree structure

- Adding vertices, edges and edge loops is now possible - check our 'Add Details' tool

- Changes in Marquee Selection

- Follow Path Extrusion now has filling settings for start and end polygons;

- Add Thickness now works for region selection;

- Added support for holes in Revolve Tool;


What’s next for SelfCAD?

We’ll keep releasing smaller updates - bug fixes, previews, and our team is working hard on new, better tutorials and documentation. Our devs are working hard to add rendering, it’s a feature we want to add the most.

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