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 |  Sammy Ekaran

   Since the release of our “big update” in September 2018, we have been working hard to improve SelfCAD for our users, and today we are excited to release to you our new updates which our team has been working hard to bring to you. In this release, we added several new features and modified the existing ones. We have improved the following tools:


  • 3D Print Tool

  • 3D Sketching Tools

  • Text Drawing Tool

  • Selection Modes

  • Free Hand Drawing Tool

  • The Revolve Tool

  • Stitch and Scoop Tools

  • Loft Tool


We also added the following tools:


  • Add Details Tool

  • Snap Tool

  • Animation Feature 

                                                                                    3D Print Tool

content image

In this update, we added a 3D Printing Animation feature. You can see how your model will be 3D printed in your printer right in the software. After designing your model just click on 3D Print in order to access the slicer.


                                                                           3D Sketching Tools

content image

We have added Minimum Angle Size in the Precision settings of the Sketching Tools. This is a nice feature that we added as it allows you to specify the minimum sketching angle for your drawing. Once you set the angle, you won’t be able to turn anywhere else. This ensures that your sketch is accurate.


                                                                       Text Drawing Tool

content image

Smoothness Settings have been added to the Text Drawing Tool. 


                                                                       Cut With Profile


We have fixed the issues that our users were facing before when working with complex designs. Once you use this tool and perform other actions on the selected areas like scaling or moving, you will realize that it’s manifold and there is no issue with the model unlike before. The polygons and intersecting lines are cut accurately too.


                                                                      Selection Modes


We have added Part Selection Tool. This tool allows one to select specific parts of the model. Before, selecting other parts besides faces, polygons, edges, and vertices were a challenge. The face selection tool selected the entire face, the polygon selection tool, on the other hand, selected the entire polygons same with edges and vertices that selected only edges and vertices respectively. With the Part selection tool, you don’t need to do a lot of calculations when selecting specific parts.


                                                                     The Marquee Selection Tool 


It has also been updated. You can now select polygons by dragging as shown below.

If you drag towards the right, it will select only the faces that are completely included and it ignores the rest.  But if you drag towards the left it will select everything. 

content image

This is a really interesting feature that you can check it out too. Also, vertex colors. This allows one to change the colors of the selected vertices.


                                                                 Free Hand Drawing Tool

content image

The Freehand Drawing Tool now allows real-time intersection. Normally, when one draws a design which has a hole it doesn’t leave a hole, rather it creates a solid. But this tool now creates a hole automatically in the designs that have one. 

Additionally, when one uses the FreeHand Tool and set the height settings to zero, it will automatically create a profile. 


                                                            The Revolve Tool

content image

The Revolve Tool can now support holes. Before when one uses this tool in the objects which have holes, one was not able to see the holes. 

You can also revolve around any shape by selecting Revolve Around Edges/Profiles or even guides in the settings section. One no longer needs to merge objects in order to revolve around them.

                                                                Stitch And Scoop Tool.


The bugs in this tool have been fixed and it’s now working as expected. You can use it to work on complex designs without having any issues.


                                                                         Loft Tool.

content image

This tool wasn’t working as expected, especially when working with complex shapes, but we have improved it and it can now handle all types of shapes.


                                                      New Tools That We Have Added



The Animation Feature is one of our biggest updates that we have rolled out. When turned ON, you can animate colors and transformations easily. SelfCAD Animation feature is much easier to use when compared to the other programs. 


                                                                Add Details Tool


You can get this tool in the Modify section of the toolbar. This is a very powerful tool as one can use it to drag edges, vertices and other parts of your design with ease as well as snapping them too. And when one selects those areas and perform actions like dragging, it adds details. This is quite interesting.


                                                                  Snap Tool.

content image

Snap is another interesting tool that we have added. You can use it to snap any shape to any location in the workspace. What’s more interesting about this tool is the fact that one can use it to snap and also collapse vertices. When used with Remove Duplicate Tool found in the utilities section it will remove more details in the vertices. 


Additional Updates

We have also added:

  • New Hotkeys to make 3D modeling easier and faster.

  • Added Ctrl + drag to copy objects with alignment.

  • An option to choose XYZ orientation when creating a new project.

  • The rotation cube position has been fixed.

  • UI issues in big resolutions have been fixed. 

  • We have also added a new way to cut objects. That is, cutting objects with lines.

  • Follow path extrusion has been updated and now it has filling settings to start and end polygons.


That’s the new update we have so far. You can check it out. It’s available for both free and paid versions of SelfCAD. We are also working on better tutorials and documentation so that our users can be able to get started with SelfCAD easily. We are also working hard to add 3D Rendering Features. 

You can watch this video to learn more about SelfCAD 2.9


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