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Introducing SelfCAD Interactive Tutorials

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After releasing the Rendering feature, SelfCAD comes with yet another huge update, but this time, it’s no modeling tool that has been added to the software. 

Continue reading this article to find out how Interactive Tutorials can help you, your business, or your students create professional designs without spending countless hours following a book or video.


Ever find yourself spending more time watching 3D design tutorials than actually designing?


Despite the abundance of resources on the internet, it’s still difficult for designers to master 3D modeling because following video courses, relying on books, and starting with any available base model makes the design process time-consuming, confusing, and just brutal.

On top of that, it’s simply excruciating to recreate complex projects without precise, step-by-step instructions, as even the slightest mistake can derail the project and likely ruin it.

That's where our SelfCAD’s Interactive Tutorials comes in.

To provide a tool that will allow everyone to record their modeling process, generate step-by-step instructions for it, and share them with others so they can learn by recreating your designs.


 What are Interactive Tutorials?


SelfCAD’s Interactive Tutorials feature will allow anyone to:

  • Follow a clear and simple step-by-step designing process without shifting their focus between two or more references

  • Create a demo that your trainees or students can follow to the last letter without spending too much time on it


How does an Interactive Tutorial Work?


Tutorials - Tool Settings Panel


Interactive Tutorials works in two ways. You can either Record a Tutorial or Play a Tutorial. 

Recording Interactive Tutorials is best for small design teams and schools or online course creators. This feature will allow them to create instructional materials that won’t require long hours of working face-to-face or 1:1.

On the other hand, using Interactive Tutorials is ideal for freelance designers, students, and interns or trainees in design-driven companies. This will allow them to finish designs faster without sacrificing the opportunity to actually improve their technical skills. 

No matter what your goal is, our Interactive Tutorials will serve as a better teaching tool than any video, lecture, or blog posts, and as of now, we are not aware of any other company implementing a similar feature into their software.

If you are a freelance designer, business owner, or 3D Art educator, you can check out our library of Interactive Tutorials here and try it out to see how it can help you grow.


How to Record a SelfCAD Interactive Tutorial?


1. Launch Editor

2. In the Tools panel, click Tutorial and hit Record Tutorial.

3. Hit Record.

4. Start Designing.
SelfCAD will automatically generate step-by-step instructions based on your actions within Editor under Recorded Step. For additional notes and tips, You can edit the text under Action Details.

Interactive tutorial generating step-by-step instructions

5. Edit Recorded Steps
Under Recorded Step, you can add additional notes regarding the technical parts of your Interactive Tutorial. 

6. Edit Action Details
Under Action Details, you can add notes and tips about your design. This is a good place to put your Recorded Steps in context and explain why such steps are required for your design.


How to Save Your Interactive Tutorial?


  • Save As/Download
    This is great if you wish to create Tutorials as a service and you have to submit it to a client. This function will allow you to keep an Interactive Tutorial offline and save it in case you need to make further changes later on. 

  •  Share
    This creates a shareable and unlisted URL. This means that anyone with the link can use this Tutorial using their own SelfCAD account. 

  • Publish
    You can publish your Interactive Tutorials so other users can find it on our Tutorial page. If you wish to have other 3D designers use your work, make sure to generate an URL and then head to My Tutorials where you can request to have your work published


How to Use Interactive Tutorials?


1. Go to Tutorials and select an Interactive Tutorial you wish to follow.

2. If you have a generated URL, simply head to the link.

3. Activate Tutorial and follow the step indicated under “Recorded Step”. Make sure to watch out for which specific tool is highlighted. All other functions will be unavailable.

4. You can also check Action Details for additional tips and notes.


How To Edit an Interactive Tutorial?


1. Select Record Tutorial from the Tools panel.

2. Under Controls, click Edit.

3. You can either paste a listed URL or upload a downloaded Interactive Tutorial from your device.

4. Once imported, you can simply change, add, or edit the descriptions on anything that will not break the Interactive Tutorial.

 Enjoy powerful modeling, rendering, and 3D printing tools without the steep learning curve.

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