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How to generate revenue as a Freelance 3D Modeller

 |  Pulkit Bhardwaj

10 Ways you can Use to Earn as a Freelance 3D Modeller

3D modelling is a computer-based technique for creating a three-dimensional model of the three-dimensional space using a particular CAD program.

If you’re a professional 3D designer or you are just a beginner who’s thinking of pursuing a career in 3D modelling, you might be asking yourself, what are the ways I can make money from this? There are many ways that you can use to do thisYou can make money using 3D modelling by creating 3D games and apps, designing 3D logos, selling 3D products on marketplaces like turbosquid, you can also opt to sell online courses, and even start a 3D designing blog. All of these methods of earning are explained below.

Best Ways to Make Money as a 3D Modeller

1.Create Game or App

Gaming as an experience has multiple aspects linked with it, such as developing the environment, customizing the accessories,or prototyping the original games. 3D Modelling plays a vital role in making the game more user friendly & making the gaming experience more unique for each individual. For Example, imagine you created an app that allows the users to scan their face & hands to print it directly onto the figure. On the other hand, using TinkerCAD can make the character from scratch without using a 3D printer. Also, with the increase of gaming activities, there will be a rapid increase in gaming accessories such as console add-ons, chargers, and greeters. 3D Modelling will play a vital part in this case. For example,  DOTS RPG Project created special tactile symbols for visually challenged users. Finally, One can use 3D Modeling to build their own game from scratch & can share the prototype for others to print. 

2. Design 3D Logos

generate income as a freelance 3D designer

Professional logo making is highly demanded right now. Every startup, business venture, organization, and brands want to have a visually stunning profile. The logo is the first step towards that idea. 3D logos are the future of logo designing. Adobe Illustrator is the primary logo generating software choice for professionals, giving them the freedom to create almost any kind of designs.

On the other hand, for minimalistic logo designing, one can use Tailor bands. When being quick is the primary concern, logo maker can be the go-to solution. For non-designers to give their logos a professional look, Canva logo maker is the best possible software, with over a hundred template & drag & drop features. Finally, if anyone is looking for a unique logo using conventional and customized inputs, then SelfCAD is the best program that you can use.

3. Sell 3D Products on the Online Marketplace

Generate income as a designer

One of the easiest ways to earn through 3D Modelling is to sell 3D models online. There are various platforms where 3D models can be put up for sale. To start with, Turbosquid is the most well known & largest marketplace for the subject. It offers a reasonable 80% royalty of the product to the maker. The users who decide to do business with the site exclusively get a special royalty rate. Users interested in V.R., AR & Gaming especially can check CGTrader. It is one of the largest markets for these 3D models. Also, it has a customer pool of various enterprises looking for 3D modelling designers. Designers devoted explicitly to 3D printed jewellery & decorations can use Shapeways for their business. This site has the benefit of flexible royalties depending on the base price. 

Alternatively, you can also use a print on demand, dropshipping supplier like Shapeways along with Shopify for selling 3d products as an individual. 


4. Make Money Selling Courses

As a 3D model designer, one can use the knowledge of the subject to influence others by creating courses. There are various ways of doing this. If one has already created a brand, they can opt for creating a website & uploading the tutorials there. In the same way, one can create their channel on youtube & monetize it after uploading the videos. If one doesn't have a brand, then one can sell their course to various tutorial websites. Gumroad is a great option when it comes to uploading methods. Udemy, on the other hand, provides a vast range of audience from different backgrounds. So one can sell their course video or DVDs to get the traffic. 

5. Work for a 3D Printer Owner

To work under a 3D printer owner, one needs to understand how 3D printing works. How many classifications are available for 3D printers? How are 3D models prepared for 3D printing? What is the need of the customer? These are the very basics of working for a 3D printer owner. Apart from working on the machine, one needs to know about the various parts to work. You can use a software like SelfCAD to familiarize yourself with 3D modelling and how 3D models are prepared for 3D printing using its in-built slicer.

6. Start a 3D Designing Blog

Blogging is another easy route for making Money. This requires the user to create a self-hosted blog. There the user needs to share the content (specifically regarding 3D designing). Traffic will be generated organically. Once a community has been created around the brand through different marketing methods, the user can generate Money by allowing ads to separate ad space. Revenue is also generated through affiliate marketing, i.e. by promoting other brands or products which are relevant to your audience. 

As you start your 3D designing blog, you can also create interactive tutorials for SelfCAD, publish your tutorials and leave a link to your blog and this will help you receive a decent amount of traffic. It will also help improve the SEO of your blog.

7.Sell 3D Scanned Models

There are various websites where scanned 3D models can be put up for sale. CGTrader is one such platform where one can sell their scanned 3D models. To earn well through this venture, one needs to keep several things in mind. Buyer can ask to see 2-3 versions of the same scanned model, so it is suggested to prepare more than one version. Also, it is advisable to have similar objects with the primary model as a package to interest the buyer. Now, when it comes to specifications of the scanned model, as most of these models will be used in different lighting conditions, "De-lighting" is preferred before the model is put up on the platform. The most crucial detail is keeping a check of the shape & number of polygons of the model. If the model is computationally-heavy, then it will be of no use to the buyer. Finally, it is advised that the seller should have the model in all the conventional file formats, such as .stl,.jpg,.dae etc.

8. 3D Poster designs

Posters are a significant part of pop culture. Be it Star Wars, G.O.T. or any other new franchise, there is a community that waits for the new poster to be released. The 3D poster is the new animal in that club. It is advised to start with the new, popular & trendy topics first. Uploading them to websites is all that is needed. Beeple is one of the biggest names in this field, works as an independent artist & publishes his craft on different social media platforms. 

9. Children's Youtube Videos

This may seem weird, but if anyone checks on youtube, there are plenty of videos to teach kids nursery rhymes & counting numbers. Animation is the key to catch the attention of those kids & that's where 3D designing enters the scene. All it takes to make a captivating  youtube video for kids is a voice actor, a short script & your 3D designing skills. One may start their channel or else can contact any existing one regarding the same topic. 

10. 3D Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a business that allows the seller to avoid the middle-man part of buying, stocking & checking on the profit & loss & if the supplier delivers the asset to the consumer on behalf of the seller. So, anyone considering going into a business involving 3D Modelling should consider dropshipping as their choice to avoid the unnecessary investment in the factors mentioned earlier. It gives freedom to start the business quicker than when using the conventional approach, but along with all these benefits, dropshipping has its own rapidly increasing competition in the market. So, in this case specifically, marketing and brand promotion is a primary need that needs to be fulfilled. 

How to Find Jobs for 3D Modeling?

Generate revenue as a freelance 3D designer

There are specific websites for graphic designers. But like any other job aspirant, a 3D model designer also needs to create a profile on Linkedin. That's the fundamental action that needs to follow. Apart from Linkedin, various other websites are primarily devoted to designing only, such as CreativeHeads, AnimatedJobs, etc. Various studios, such as Double Negative, get their employees via referrals, so as one can see, networking is the ultimate key. After this comes another very fundamental part, creating a clean & compact CV. According to the company's needs, one needs to make a proper showreel that can convey the idea & serve the purpose. A showreel should not have great editing works & background score, but it is essential to serve as a demo for the job one is gunning for. Finally, it's all about the interview. To act as the calm, composed & confident version of yourself is the key to getting your dream job. 


3D Modeling will be the next step towards the future of a lot of industries, not just design but various other fields such as gaming, education, business, startup, architecture, health & technology. So, it is safe to assume that the time is not far when we can expect to see 3D printers available in every sector of the society & 3D modelling as one of the courses included in the students’ syllabus. So it is pretty evident like in any other occupation that one can start from scratch, learn the skills & expect to make a living out of it by following all or any of the steps mentioned above; every designer dreaming of making it big can make the dream of becoming a professional 3D modeller come true and can take the world by storm. 

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