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How to Design your First 3D Printable Object - Video Tutorials

 |  Sammy Ekaran

SelfCAD's Video Tutorials are completely free and a great source of information to learn all the tips and tricks of 3D Printing. Our training videos will guide you through the process, from A to Z. Below is a list of our four different 3D printing courses to learn how to design.

1. Getting Started Designing 3D models

2. Design your First 3D Printable Object - How To Make An Object 3D Printable

3. Understanding 3D Printing - From slicers to layering and adhesion.

4. Cool users submissions - Available in other languages

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Are you looking for an out-of-the-box hobby providing means for the realization of your creative potential? Or are you hunting for the proper platform to visualize concepts? Even if you just stumbled across this website by sheer chance, our 3D modeling software would certainly capture your attention. We place greater emphasis exactly on accessibility. Therefore, SelfCAD is a tool not only for consummate professionals but for everyone.


What You Will Get with Our 3D Drawing Software
Since the beginning of the new technological era, the role of computer-aided design has been described as the impressive one. However, it is claimed that it takes a good deal of time to learn how to use relevant applications. It is not true and we are going to prove that. If you are eager to get a strong foundation in the field of modeling, you won't find a more comprehensible platform than SelfCAD. Our online 3D modeling software is designed to make the entire process, all functions, and interface as simple as possible.


All designers will be able to get their ideas and images out of their heads and to check out the performance in reality. Visual stimulation is definitely a powerful and versatile technique allowing for realistic and quick rendering. SelfCAD- online 3D modeling software provides users with almost limitless drawing capabilities, high precision, identification of structural inadequacy, compelling imagery, and time-saving experience. Moreover, the uniqueness of our platform is explained by the user-friendly interface along with multiple functions that allow you to create.

  • Finalize exceptional shapes with our shape generator at the click of a button.

  • Make use of highly feasible drawing functions to deal with a polygon or other issues.

  • Sculpt the innovative concepts in virtual reality effortlessly.

  • Facilitate and automate the designing process with a set of macros.

  • Model your project with the SelfCAD advanced transformations.

  • Slice, print, and enjoy newly-created designs in real terms.


SelfCAD is the powerful online CAD tool for creating, optimizing, and editing your projects. Apart from slicing, you will get familiar with layering, adhesion, and dozens of other intricacies of 3D printing. Besides, our platform comes up with a universal cloud storage environment to make your experience hassle-free. No more issues with portable media!

Check out our how-to video tutorials to explore the ins and outs of the exclusive SelfCAD platform!!







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