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How to Deal With Clients as a Freelance 3D Designer

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7 Tips for Dealing with Clients as a Freelance 3D Designer

As a freelance 3D designer, you need so many skills and one of the primary skills you need is managing your client's expectations.

Freelance becomes an easy job when you know how to deal with clients. Sometimes you get clients who help you and motivate you, but it’s not every time you'll get such clients. You will have to deal with some difficult and tricky clients from time to time.

Some clients will point out every mistake in your work, and dealing with such clients is not an effortless task. So here are some basic tips that will help you in dealing with difficult clients as a freelancer.

There are so many things you should do while dealing with a client because every point matters a lot. Here we will provide you with 7 tips that can help you in managing difficult clients:

  1. Listen to the client patiently
  2. Understand the client's need and guide him
  3. Provide update of the work
  4. Be open about delays and changes
  5. Underpromise
  6. Accept your mistake
  7. Don't let them forget about you

1. Listen to Your Client Patiently

Listening is a noble quality and as a freelance 3D designer it would really help to have this quality in you. Whenever you talk with a client, listen to the client carefully to know what his/her requirements are and what he/she is accepting from your side. Understanding the work details is necessary.

If you do not listen to clients carefully, sometimes you'll end up picking up work that does not match your skillset and this work will affect you negatively. So, listen to the client patiently.

After listening to the client, take some time to think about the client's work, like how much time you'll require to complete the work. While listening to the client, note down some important points which you have to consider while doing the work.

When you listen to the client patiently, you can note down the more important points that will greatly help you while doing the work.

2. Understand The Client’s Need and Guide Him

how to handle clients as a freelance 3D designer

When you understand the client's needs, guide your client on the right path that is good for him and his business.

A successful freelancer not only completes tasks, but they also understand their client's business format and then they guide their client to go for what will be best for their business and this process builds a good connection between a freelancer and client.

When you build a good connection with a client, he will always look for you when he has another task. You will end up getting more and more work from that client.

As a 3D designer, understand your client's needs, work according to his needs and guide him. You can tell him which design will be best for his business. If your client is making some animation movies, for instance, you can help him choose the best 3D models for the movie.

You can guide your client in so many ways. Also, giving your suggestions regarding dos and don’ts that might help in his business will be a great way to help him.

3. Provide Update of the Work

Clients need to know how much you've done in a given time and you can provide this information by regularly updating them with the work details.

You should provide updates on the work on a daily or weekly basis so that clients can know how the work is progressing.

As a freelance 3D designer, you'll get some difficult clients who will ask you about the work often. So it's better to provide an update to those clients.

You should understand that clients are paying you money for completing a given work. Also, understand that they have deadlines as a result of which they want the work completed on time and that's why they ask for updates about the work.

But, when you provide an update of the work daily, then the client will not disturb you and you can complete your work with no disturbance. Clients like those freelancers who provide updates and complete their work on time.

So, always provide an update and make your client happy.

If you will not be able to complete the work within the agreed time, don't hide it from them, tell them the reason behind it, and apologize.

4. Be Open About Delays and Changes

The best way to handle client expectations is to discuss possible delays and changes regarding the project before you even begin because sometimes it can happen that you can't complete the work before deadlines, so it's better to discuss it ahead of time.

If you hit an unexpected delay, don't hide it, instead notify the client as soon as possible because if you hide it, you will complete that work later than the agreed time and your workflow will be affected.

When you discuss these points at the beginning of the work, it helps you later when you encounter any delays. Clients will also understand your problem because you've discussed it with them already.

Many times we have to do some personal work, family work or some other professional work and because of that we cannot complete the clients' work on time and we are often stuck with the decision of which work we should complete first.

But when you've already discussed this issue with the client, then you can go ahead and complete your urgent work first and then again start the client’s project immediately.

Also, use some software that will help you avoid delays in your work because one of the ways you can adopt to avoid delays is choosing or switching to a 3D modeling software that is easy to use and that can help you achieve maximum productivity within a short period of time.

One of the most easy-to-use, yet powerful, 3D modeling software is SelfCAD.

how to handle clients as a freelance 3D designer

You can get started easily without taking much time. Unlike other easy-to-use softwares available, you will be able to create both simple and complex models using SelfCAD.

It’s the only 3D modeling software that has combined modeling, artistic, sculpting, rendering, and 3D printing features all under a single program.

If your client requires the 3D model to be 3D printed, you can slice it in SelfCAD and make it print-ready without having to switch to another software.


Pro Tip: Always try to complete a given work before deadlines because it makes you more professional, only delay the work if there’s another work that is really urgent.

5. Underpromise

This will sound nonsensical, but it's a good way to avoid disappointing the client. When you do this, you get some extra time to complete the work.

As we have discussed earlier, sometimes due to some reasons, you might not be able to complete the work before the deadline and will have to apologize for that.

So, while discussing the work with the client, don't over-promise the client, try to get some extra time for the work.

Many beginner 3D designer freelancers make the mistake of over-promising just to land the work. They accept all the conditions of the client and also promise them that they will do some extra work because they just want to grab the work.

By over-promising, they get the work, but they don't complete the work at the time and this is the biggest mistake beginner freelancers make at the beginning of their career.

So, don't make this mistake, under-promise and complete your work efficiently.

6. Accept Your Mistake

Everybody makes mistakes, but the real problem occurs when you don't accept your mistake. You make a mistake and then blame the client. Most clients hate this behavior.

If you want to deal with clients professionally, then learn to accept your mistakes. This skill can help your career because accepting mistakes is great art.

So, whenever you make a mistake and the client tells you to fix that problem, know that it’s your responsibility to fix the problem. But the client is not always right.

Sometimes we get clients that look for mistakes in every work and as freelancers, we have so many projects and we can't focus on such irrelevant mistakes.

In this situation, try to convince the client that you've rectified all the mistakes and the remaining mistakes are minute errors and that will not affect his work.

Only use this explanation in situations where you are confident that the mistakes made by you are the only minute, otherwise, always accept your mistakes and go ahead with fixing the client's work.

7. Over-Communicate

how to handle clients as a freelance 3D designer

The more you communicate with your client, the more assured they will feel. Always try to communicate with the client, discuss the important factors of the work, and ask project-related questions.

Asking questions shows you're interested in understanding the project. Whenever you have the time, try to talk to the client over the phone, either on a voice call or video call.

Just sending emails to the client can't build a strong relationship with the client. When you communicate with them via call, you hear each other's voice and this process builds a good connection.

Build Strong Client Relationships

how to handle clients as a freelance 3D designer

When you work with a client to just complete their projects, then you only work with them on that single project, but when you build a strong relationship with the client, the client provides you other works as well.

Successful freelancers don't just complete the projects, they build a strong client relationship and view each project as a stepping stone in their relationship with the client. It makes clients come back to them for more work and it's a great way to get more work.

Most 3D designer freelancers use this technique to become successful in their freelancing journey.

Here are some tips to build a strong relationship with clients:

  • Provide suggestions for improving their business.
  • If you see a business decision that is harmful, speak up because you're hired for your expertise.
  • Connect with other team members or freelancers working on the same project and discuss some important issues with them.
  • Always suggest the best solutions, even if you're not getting money for it.
  • The most important thing, be honest.

Follow these tips to build a positive relationship with clients and try to help clients to achieve his goal.

Dealing with clients becomes easy when your relationship with the client is strong because now he can understand your work process and you can work more effectively.

It also increases your interest and confidence in freelancing and when you know how to deal with clients as a freelance 3D designer, then you can definitely become successful in your freelancing career.


As you know, dealing with clients is not an easy task, and managing your clients is one of the primary skills you need as a freelancer.

We hope that after reading this article you will learn this important skill and by following the above techniques, you can deal with clients efficiently.

The most important thing in dealing with a client is to listen to the details of the project carefully and if you missed some of the important points then accept your mistake.

So, follow these tips and deal with your client professionally.

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