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How To Be a Successful Online Course Creator in Any Field

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7 Tips to Becoming a Successful Online Course Creator

Thousands of people are creating online courses, and millions of courses are available on the internet. Many people around the world are creating online courses and achieving success in it.

They learn a skill or set of skills for many years and then share that skill with other people through online courses. Creating an online course is not a straightforward task because you don't have to create only videos and PDFs.

To provide immense value through your course, you have to consider a lot of things before creating a course, and that's why we have done some research on how people can become successful online course creators in any field.

This article has gathered some advice, tips, and best practices that successful online course creators are giving to anyone who will listen or read.

So, if you want to become a successful online creator, read the full article and get the best tips and advice.

Online Course Creator Tips

  1. Pick the Perfect Course Topic
  2. Check Out the Market Demand of the Course
  3. Do Research Before Fixing a Price
  4. Gather Your Course Content
  5. Provide Quality Content
  6. What Kind of Software Do You Need to Use
  7. Marketing is an Essential Part of Online Course

1. Pick the Perfect Course Topic

online course creator tips

Computer screen with some text. Image Source: Teachable

Create an online course on a topic that you love, and make sure you have valuable information regarding that topic. Interest is a very crucial thing. If you've got an interest in something, then you’ll do it with full passion.

If you're not interested in and passionate about your topic, it means you don't love that topic. You can't provide good information on such a topic to the people who will purchase your course, and if you'll not provide good information, then people will not purchase any course from you in the future.

So before creating an online course, think about the skills, talent, and life experience that you have been through. If you're a blogger, then create a course related to blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing. If you're a 3D designer, you can create an online course related to 3D modeling and design.

Ultimately, if you love the topic, and you have expert knowledge on it, then the topic can become the perfect course topic for your online course.

Choosing a perfect topic is one of the most essential things in creating a successful online course. Without choosing a perfect topic, you can't become a successful online course creator.

2. Check Out the Market Demand of the Course

online course creator tips

3D Model. Image Source: Blendspace

Before creating an online course, check out the demand for that course in the market. As time changes, the demand for courses in the market also changes.

In the early years, the demand for different coding language courses was high, but nowadays, very few people are purchasing such courses. Everyone is looking for online courses like data science, 3D modeling, SEO, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

Always pick up a course topic that is high in demand. To find a high-demand online course topic, you have to conduct a lot of research to see if it has market demand or not. You can also do keyword research to find out what people are searching on Google and other search engines. You can use tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Semrush to find out the volume and competition of any keyword.

By doing proper keyword research, you can find out how many people are searching for a term related to your online course topic. Market research is an essential part of creating a successful online course in any field.

Without doing market research, you might pick up a topic that no one wants to buy. You're spending a lot of time creating an online course, so people need to buy your course, otherwise your time and effort will be wasted.

Don't repeat a mistake that most beginner online creators are making. They ran away from competition, and instead opted for a course that has low competition. Most of the online course creators think that, if there is a lot of competition in their topic area, no one will buy their course.

But, competition shows that there is a high demand for a particular course in the market, and people will definitely buy the course if you'll provide good value in your course.

3. Do Research Before Fixing a Price

online course creator tips

Men using a laptop. Image Source: Leverage Edu

How you will price your course is an important part of sales. If your online course prices are too high then few people are going to purchase your course, and if your course is very cheap then people will think that the course is not providing sufficient knowledge, and that's why it is cheap.

Successful online creators understand the value of money, that’s why they do a lot of research and competitor analysis before fixing a price for their course.

Udemy and Teachable are the best places for checking out the price of any course. You can search for the topic on which you want to create an online course. You will get a lot of courses created by different online course creators and from there you can get an idea of course pricing.

You can also perform some experiments with course pricing. Suppose you're selling an online course for $200, you're getting good traffic on the website and a lot of people are clicking on your paid ads, but nobody is buying your course.

In such a situation, you can try reducing the course pricing, you can sell your course at $25 or $50 and check if your sales and revenue are increasing or not. Many online course creators change their course prices when they don’t get the sales that they were expecting.

The game of pricing is played in two different ways. Some online creators get sales after reducing the prices, and some are getting more sales after increasing the price of their online courses. So, it's better to perform some research and competitor analysis before fixing an online course pricing.

4. Gather Your Course Content

online course creator tips

Image Source: How to build an online course

Now, it's time to select and gather your course content. An online course is all about content, you have to choose the type of content that you're going to provide in your online course.

At this stage, you have to decide what you should include in your course and what stuff you need to leave out. Successful online creators know what their audience wants from their course, and they include only those topics that can provide great information and knowledge to the buyers in their course.

But, you're a beginner, and you don't have experience in online course creation, so you have to be precise about each content of your course. Ask yourself, when you were a beginner and were learning the skill from some course or YouTube channel, how did they format the course to provide good value to the course buyers.

Here, your experience matters the most. With your experience, you can find out what topics are important in learning a specific skill and what topics are not.

If you're creating an online course related to blogging then you should include topics like SEO, backlinks, Google ranking factors, SEO tools, content creation, meta tags, alt tags, meta description, and many more.

If you're creating a course on 3D modeling then you should include topics like 3D rendering, graphic designing tools, 3D printing, shapes, software, interior designing, and many more.

These are some examples that can help you in choosing the right content for your course. So, carefully select and gather your course content so that you can provide good value in your course.

5. Provide Quality Content

online course creator tips

Content marketing idea lightbulb. Image source: Search engine land

After gathering the content for your online course, the next step is to provide quality content in your course. Whether you're creating an online course, working as a freelancer, or creating 3D models for videos, quality plays an important role in any field.

To increase the sales and value of your online course, you have to provide quality content. If you create a course that is just providing outdated information, then nobody is going to buy your course.

If anybody purchases your course, and they do not get value from the course, then they will not refer that course to anybody. But, if your course is providing quality content then everyone who is purchasing your online course will refer it to their friends, colleagues, and other people.

In this way, people will do the marketing of your course without charging any amount. People will share your course detail on their social media because they have gotten immense value from it, and they want to help others by referring them to your course.

So, always try to provide quality content in your online course because a lot of people have become successful online course creators by providing quality content in their courses.

6. What Kind of Software Do You Need to Use

For creating an online course, you have to use a lot of software. Every software has its own specialty, and they are used for their unique functions.

For doing a webinar, you can use software like Gotowebinar, Zoom, and Goole meet. For email marketing, you can use tools like Mailchimp, Convertkit, and Getresponse.

If you're a 3D designer and want to create a 3D modeling course, then you'll need 3D modeling software that can help you with creating different lessons. There are thousands of 3D modeling software available on the internet like SelfCAD, Fusion 360, Blender, TinkerCAD, and AutoCAD, and you can use any of these softwares.

SelfCAD has a unique feature, and that is its interactive tutorials. Interactive Tutorials are the easiest way to learn how to create quality 3D models for freelance designers, businesses, and students using SelfCAD.

For creating an online course, you'll need to create different lessons, and you can do it easily with the help of interactive tutorials. Interactive tutorials show you how to create different 3D models with much ease, and by watching these tutorials you can create 3D models and lessons for your course in less time and with much ease.

7. Marketing is an Essential Part of Online Course

The final and most essential thing to become a successful online course creator in any field is MARKETING. Without having a knowledge of marketing, you can't become a successful online course creator.

You can create a high-quality online course that provides great value to the audience, but what if nobody purchases that course. To generate sales for your course, you have to market it properly.

If you're a blogger or YouTuber, then you can promote your course on your blog and videos. But, if you don't have a blog, YouTube channel, and social media following, then marketing becomes a difficult task. You have to rely on paid ads, and you have to spend a lot of money on running paid ads.

As an online course creator, you have to do both things, i.e. creating a course and marketing it. If you’re a full-time course creator you should make out time to do both, but if you have to choose, work on creating your platform and brand first. This will ensure your long-term success, and you'll have a bigger audience to sell your course to.

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