How to 3D design an Egg Holder in a SelfCAD

 |  Devyani Nagare

3D Modeling an Egg Holder in a SelfCAD


In this tutorial, we are using two main tools of SelfCAD: Spiral generator and Sphere. We will also use 3D-Sketch, Scale, Move, and Inverse tools to make the combined object of the Egg HolderThe Spiral generator tool helps to give us the exact shape of a spiral in the way we want. This tutorial will basically guide you to know more about using Spirals and Modifying them in 3D modeling software

The 3D Shape Sphere tool is used to create the Egg shape, and that will be the easiest part of the tutorial or most manageable object in this 3D Model of Egg Holder. 

So, let’s get going!

Step 1: Creating Spiral to make the Egg Holder

We are creating the spiral with an Egg Holder. For that, we will start creating the Spiral. Choose Spiral Generator from 3D-Shape Category of Toolbar (G+P).

Modifying the spiral generator to create the 3D object

Set the Top Radius parameters to 20, Height to 150, edges to 1. It is also possible to set the revolves, and instead of making a circle, you can make it a zigzag.  Finalize the Spiral generator.

Finalizing the spiral generator tool

We will now create the holder. The shape must be proper so that it holds the egg correctly. So we are creating several Spirals. Activate Spiral Generator from 3D-Shape Category of Toolbar (G+P). Set the Parameters: Set Bottom Radius to 20, Height to 200, edges to 1, Position Y to 150.   Finalize the Spiral generator and we will have the 3D design shown below.

Creating other spirals

Using the spiral generators again, set the following Parameters: Top Radius to 50, Height to 100, edges to 1, Position Y to 350.  Finalize the Spiral generator.

Adding and modifying another spiral generator


Selection modes

Select Spiral_1 again and deselect spiral_3 by clicking on it.

Selection modes

Step 2: Use Rotate and Move To Change Angle and Position

Next, we will Rotate the spiral as required. So we have selected spiral_1. Now, choose Rotate. Set Y to 10, and close it. 

Changin the angle and position of hte 3D design

Select the Move tool from the toolbar and set x to 0.3, as shown in the 3D design below. 

Moving the design

Step 3: Modifying the Spiral

Next, with the scale tool, we will modify the bottom of the holder’s base. Once you have clicked on the tool, set y to 20 using the highlighted gizmo. 

Modifying the spiral

Select Spiral_2, spiral_3 to select it, and spiral_1 to deselect it. Choose the Scale and set y to 80. Next, we modify the top spirals. 

Selecting and scaling the spiral

As you can see, we got the needed shape but are away from each other. For that, we will be using the Move Tool to combine both the spirals to get the perfect shape. Select the Move tool and Set x yo 20, and we will get the 3D design shown below.

Combining the spiral designs

Select Spiral_1 and from the Utility category, choose Merge (U+E). 

Merging the spiral generators

We have created the object, but it is just a wire that we can see. We’ve created the structure. Now, we need to make it in 3D. 

Step 4: Create 3D-Sketch of Spiral Holder

Activate 3D-Sketch from the Drawing category. And from the Tool Panel, choose Circle (K+C) and draw it.

The profile drawn after using sketch tool

Select the Spiral_1 and Copy: Choose Follow Path in the Tool category in Toolbar (T+P). Finalize the Follow Path. 

Drawing using the Follow path and finalizing

Select the 3D design: Deselect the mesh_1 by clicking on it. Select the move tool and Set y to 20, and close the transformation panel. 

Step 5: Converting objects into a single object

Select the mesh_1 by clicking on it. Choose the Stitch & Scoop and select Union (B+U). Finalize the Union. With Union, we combine the object and it makes the Union and creates a single object.

Converting the objects into a single design

Choose the Inverse Selection to invert the 3D design.

Converting the inverted design into3 d object


Selecting the designs

Next, we will delete the selected object. We deleted just the profile path that we created while creating 3D Sketch. 

Step 6: Creating the Egg Shape

Next, we will create the Egg Shape:

Activate Sphere from the basic shapes. With the help of parameters, we will modify the sphere shape in the egg. Set Radius to 40, Position Y to 50. Finalize the Sphere.

Creating the egg shape

We shall continue 3D designing the model by choosing the scale and setting the Y value to 100. Finalize the Scale.

Scaling the model using the Scale tool

Thus, we have created the Egg Holder.  


This tutorial has covered the basic tools of SelfCAD like the Spiral and 3D shape generator and used other vital tools like the scale, move, and 3D Sketch tools. We have repeatedly generated the spiral and modified it into a single Egg holder.  All the 3D models created in SelfCAD are 3D printable as they leave no geometric errors that could make the designs hard to print. 

Once done with the design process, you can use the in-built slicer of SelfCAD to slice your design and generate the G-Code file that you can send to your 3D printer. All in all, we hope you find the tutorial and the procedure interesting and handy. Let us know your queries and suggestions in the comments section below!

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