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How Much do UX/UI Designers Earn

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 How Much do UX/UI Designers Earn?

When we think of starting any work or learning any skill, the foremost things that we consider are interest and income, because if you don't have interest in the work you can't do it for long. Also, if the income in that work is not sufficient then you can't survive.

If you're looking for the answer to "how much UX/UI designers earn," it means you have interest in UX/UI design, and now you're looking to see how much you can earn in this field.

The purpose of this article is two-fold. If you're a beginner in UX/UI design, it will clearly explain what UX/UI design is and what they do on a daily basis. If you're just looking for how much UX/UI designers earn, this article will tell you about the average income of UX/UI designers.

Before going deep into this article, let me make it clear that UX and UI are two different professions. UX design refers to the term "user experience design," while UI refers to "user interface design."

The role of both the designers is quite different. To know the key difference between UX and UI, let's first define the terms individually.

What is UX Designing?

UX/UI design salary

User experience design is a design process whose primary aim is to design a system that offers a great experience to its users. UX designers' responsibility is to ensure users have an optimal experience when they interact with the digital or physical product.

Their primary work is to provide a significant experience to users by doing user research and competitor analysis and then creating a user flow in which the user doesn't find any difficulty while using any digital or physical product such as website, apps, and software.

They study users' behavior and then design a user journey that enables users to achieve the desired goal with minimum effort.

Now let's talk about the basic tasks of a UX designer. To create a great user experience, a UX designer has to perform a lot of tasks, and some of the most important tasks include:

  • User Research: To provide a better experience to the users, the most important thing a UX designer needs is to understand the behavior of users, and they can do this by carrying out proper user research. In conducting user research, they collect users' data through many activities like personal interviews with users and stakeholders, competitive analysis, online surveys, and focus groups.
  • Creating Personas: Based on the user research, the next step of a UX designer is to create personas of users' behavior and demographics. Personas aren't the users a company wants but the users they actually have. When the UX designers have personas, they use them to create in-depth scenarios, which show how the product fits into the users' everyday routine.
  • Information Architecture: After doing the user research and creating personas, the next task is to determine the information architecture. Information architecture is the creation of the structure of a website, app or any other digital product. They create a structure in which users can easily navigate the entire website/app. UX designers create sub-categories and hierarchies to aid easy navigation.

These are some of the tasks performed by a UX designer. UX designers perform so many tasks but these are some of their most basic tasks—collecting user data, creating personas, and providing a better user experience.

What is UI Designing?

The user interface is the space where interaction between humans and machines occurs. It considers all visual interactive elements of a product.

UI designing is all about the visual interface. It is similar to graphic design and web design, in fact, a UI designer is a type of visual designer. They usually focus on the design of websites, apps, and software. Basically, they are responsible for creating the look of the website.

UI designers create the design and visual effect you see while visiting a website or app. They create those visual effects to grab the attention of users.

The major task of UI designers is to design digital products in such a way that users will find it appealing. They focus on how a user navigates through a digital product and how they can make it more attractive.

The day-to-day activities of a UI designer may include:

  • Design: It is the work of UI designers to create designs with which the user will interact. This includes designing screens and creating visual touchpoints. UI designers have to test how the app/website will display on various screen sizes. They have to create a responsive design. A UI designer also has so much other work such as choosing the correct fonts and typesetting, creating animations, and designing UI elements like buttons, icons, sidebars, and scroll bars.
  • Determine how users interact with products: Making sure users interact effectively and efficiently with the product design is the sole responsibility of the UI designer, so they have to determine how users will interact with products. UI designers have to figure out each design such as color scheme, buttons, and menu styling. These design choices help people to understand what items can be clicked, tapped, or swiped.

This is some basic detail of UX/UI design. Now you know what UX/UI design is and what tasks they perform in their day-to-day life.

Now it's time to learn about the salary of UX/UI designers salary of UX/UI designers. The salary will depend on various factors such as experience level, education level, the type of company one is working at.

Salary of UX/UI Designers in World

Entering a new career is exciting, but you should gather enough information about that career before delving into it. Maybe the work is interesting but you're getting paid very little that you can't even handle your expenses.

So before choosing a career, get adequate information about the salary of that role so that you don't end up leaving the work just because of money.

If you're a UX/UI designer and want to know how much UX/UI designers earn, then this section of this article is definitely for you. We will tell you about UX designer salaries by country.

The salary of a UX designer depends on many factors such as experience level, education, and the type of company one is working at. The salary also changes with change in location. You can be paid highly or lowly in the same country depending on your location.

United States

  • Low: $58,000 USD
  • Average: $85,000 USD
  • High: $125,000 USD

San Francisco is seen as the mecca for UX design so, in such an area, one can get up to $128,000 per year. Cities like New York and Seattle are also popular for their highly regarded design work. According to a listing by Adobe XD, UX designers who are employed by companies like Amazon and Microsoft receive an average annual salary of $109,000.


  • Low: A$69,000 ($44,000USD)
  • Average: A$90,000 ($57,000 USD)
  • High: A$125,000 ($80,000 USD)

Sydney and Melbourne are the highest paying cities in Australia. One can get a good amount of money in these cities as compared to other areas.


  • Low: CA$50,000 ($37,000 USD)
  • Average: CA$72,000 ($52,000 USD)
  • High: CA$95,000 ($69,000 USD)

Canada also pays a good amount of money to UX designers and there are various job positions available for a UX designer. If you're a citizen of Canada or live in the surrounding countries, you can easily find a UX designer job in Canada.


  • Low: €36,000 ($39,000 USD)
  • Average: €51,000 ($56,000 USD)
  • High: €76,000 ($83,000 USD)

As per PayScale findings, the average annual salary of UX designers in Germany and Berlin is €50,000. Berlin hosts offices for many big companies (like Mozilla, Google, etc.) looking to hire UX designers.

United Kingdom

  • Low: €28,000 ($33,000 USD)
  • Average: €40,000 ($46,000 USD)
  • High: €56,000 ($66,000 USD)

London is known as the startup capital and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for UX designers to hire for their startup. As a beginner, you can get a UX designer position in these startup companies.


  • Low: ¥95,000 ($14,000 USD)
  • Average: ¥204,000 ($30,000 USD)
  • High: ¥396,000 ($56,000 USD)

Some cities in China, like Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai, are highly hiring UX designers because these cities are growing in UX design and are paying a considerable amount of money to UX designers.

A UX designer gets paid a different salary in different countries. UX designers are paid according to the demand of any country or city.

The salary of a UX designer depends on one more factor, and that is the company they are working for. If they are working in a reputed company like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Alibaba then they can get an outrageous amount of money.

If you're working in a small company that has less than 1,000 employees, then your salary will be less compared to that received by people working for large and growing companies.

How to Make Yourself Competitive and Earn More

You will get paid according to the country and company in which you're working, but you can make yourself competitive and earn more.

So, how will you make yourself competitive to earn more?

To become competitive, you can learn some skills that are in demand. As a UX designer, you can learn so many skills, and one of the high-demand skills out there is 3D modeling.

As a UX designer, if you know how to create 3D designs then you can use those 3D models to improve the user experience of the website, app, or digital products.

Most of the websites and apps only use 2D design to make their interface look good and to grab the attention of users. Most of those designs are created using Canva but they are not captivating anymore because users see them all the time.

But, if you know 3D designing, then you can create impressive user interfaces for your company's website, app, and any other digital product.

Many UX designers are using 3D graphics in websites and apps, such as

  • Bug store e-commerce website
  • Restaurant app
  • Moon creative app
  • Kindergarten website
  • Vinyls e-commerce app
  • Visual creator website
  • My baby app
  • Design studio website
  • Health blog

You can create such designs using 3D modeling software. 3D modelling software like SelfCAD helps you create 3D designs and animations in which one mouseover displays details of the app or website. Going beyond your client’s requirements and displaying 3D models and animations on the projects will make you a sought-after UX/UI designer, hence, in the long run, you’ll be earning more.

Getting started in 3D modelling is easier than ever before because CAD programs that are easy to get started on and powerful at the same time are easily available to anyone. SelfCAD is an example of such software. You don’t need to have previous experience or background in engineering to master them. Just within a few weeks of learning, you will be able to create really professional 3D models.

UX design salary

You can even make yourself more competitive by getting certifications in UX designing. The biggest search engine (Google) also provides a certificate for UX/UI designing when you complete the course.

They specially designed these courses for beginners, no degree or prior experience are required, and you can start from the basics. To get certified as a UX designer, sometimes you have to spend a vast amount of money because the courses are really costly.

But, at Coursera, you'll get this course for free and Google is the corporation offering this course, so it has good value in the market. Complete this course and make yourself more competitive using the certificate.

Wrapping Up On How Much do UX/UI Designers Earn

You can get paid in UX/UI designer work, but to get a considerable amount of money, you have to make yourself more competitive and we have described some ways of becoming more competitive.

Now you know how much UX/UI designers earn in different countries and what the different tasks of UX and UI designer are.

So, now it's your time to make yourself more competitive and earn more.

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