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Each planner and designer have their prediction and aspiration regarding the outcome of their building project. The task of designing a home or building is very stressful and challenging. It is a very essential stage for turning your dreams into a reality. Here, we will discuss some steps to turning your dream home into a reality.

Structural design is a very important stage of any structure, and which method to adopt in designing is a very crucial part of structural design. Some traditional methods are also available in the market for designing the building or home-like sketching, 2D drafting, etc.

Traditional Sketching Method:

3D design home

Traditional 2D sketching. Image source: Instagram

Sketching is the first step in your drafting process, and every engineer should always do this. If you are a beginner in the drafting and designing field, and don’t have the knowledge of basic sketching, and are unfamiliar with a design drawing, then there are four available ways you can use to actualize the advanced drawing. If you are a draftsman, these are very common techniques you just need to know, they are as follows:

  • Selecting proper material; before you start, learn about graphite.
  • Choosing a sketching paper that is optimized for graphics.
  • Start the drawing with simple shapes.
  • Check your angles at the time of drawing.

In the old days, the engineer draws every part of the home by hand. He uses an A1 size sheet for drawing the orthogonal plan, elevation, section, and 3D view. The drawing must be drawn according to scale. 

The large-scale drawing shows every component of the building in detail, and also shows the general arrangement of the building. This drawing is called construction as well as working drawing. 

To develop these working drawings into design drawings using different ideas and technology, you must write a detailed description of each component. The detailed drawing shows the detailed description and the geometric form of each component of the building. These hand drawings are very basic and very useful for better understanding.

3D design home

                            Fig1: A home drawn using the sketching method.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sketching Method:


  • It saves time in the construction process.
  • Removes the layout and functionality issues.
  • It is good for brainstorming.
  • Anyone can do these, as no extra skill is required.


  • The speed of drawing is very slow as compared to other mediums.
  • You cannot fully feel the colors in hand drawing.
  • It is difficult to make the corrections.
  • Accuracy is not maintained in the drawing.

Traditional 2D Drafting:

To do 2D drafting, first, you must know what technical drawing is. Which software are you going to draw with? It’s really important that you know 3D drawing software like SelfCAD. 

The drawing and sketching tools of SelfCAD are easy to use. If you are good at traditional 2D drafting, you can prepare your drafts manually and then import them into SelfCAD using the reference image tool. When you have done that, then you can trace around it using the drawing tools and then turn the drawing into a 3D model easily.


There are some other traditional tools available in Draft Workbench like Line.SVG Line, Draft Circle.SVG Circle, and some modification tools like Draft Rotate.SVG Rotate, Draft Move.SVG Move, Draft Offset.SVG Offset, etc. There are two special toolbars available in Draft Workbench: The first one is visual setting, where you can make the changes in the working plane, and can also turn the construction mode on/off, set the face color, line color, line weight, and text size of the object.

Using these software programs, you can easily draw the orthogonal plan, elevation, and section of home design. You can also do the detailed drawing using the Draft Workbench tool. It is economical. An average-skilled person can easily work this software. It saves the drawing time as compared to hand drawing, and it gives accuracy in measurement.

3D design home

                                               Fig2: Drawing of the structural plan of a home by 2D drafting.

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional 2D Drafting Method:


  • Ability to generate a very accurate design.
  • Can create a drawing in 2D and 3D.
  • Can easily make changes to the drawing.
  • Require less time as compared to the sketching method.


  • It is very difficult for another person to make modifications to the drawing.
  • You have to update your drafting skills according to new software.

Using 3D modeling to design the house:

Nowadays, in the construction industry, 3D modeling is very popular due to its plethora of benefits. Through 3D technology, every task relating to the construction industry is made easier and better. 

Many of those tasks have gone digital. Architecture also moved from draft tables to tablets or desktops. There are several benefits of 3D modeling in the construction industry. 3D modeling not only increases the speed of the design process but also identifies the potential design problem of both architecture and designer before creating an actual issue. 3D modeling gives a real view of the finished project before the actual construction is started.

Animation is also performed in the 3D modeling construction industry. Generally, in 3D modeling, the client can visualize details about a project that a flat drawing cannot provide. The client can have a virtual walkthrough of the proposed building, just like in a 3D movie. The client can see their future home, its lobby, kitchen, dining area, and bedroom. They can visualize all these things before a brick is laid.

Using 3D modeling, you can easily understand the structure and its surrounding space. 3D modeling provides power to architecture and designers—power that can be used to convert an idea into your dream house by practically enclosing it with lush landscaping. 3D modeling is way better than 2D. 3D modeling provides a degree of realism, which 2D does not provide. Using 3D, you can visualize any object that is in your mind, which is not possible in 2D.

3D modeling in construction gives a better result in designing and material utilization. You can rotate 3D modeled objects in different perspectives and gain additional views. Without spending much time or money, you can choose the perfect 3D modeling software for your home design.       


3D design home

                               Fig3: 3D model of home.

Advantages of 3D modeling:

  • It finds errors that might arise in the drawing process.
  • It gives rendering with customized interiors.
  • You gain more at a lesser cost.
  • Increases the collaboration between teams involved in the design process.
  • It saves time and cost.

In 3D modeling, you can see the full view of your building,  which is not possible in 2D design. In 2D you cannot see all the sides of your model, but in 3D you can rotate the model and see all the sides. 3D modeling is an integrated software and using these, you can improve your design, drafting, and documentation skill. In 3D design, you can create an object, scenes, designs, prototype, and print the object in much less time as compared to another traditional method.

Benefits of 3D modeling:

This technology helps imagination power come into reality. 3D helps architecture, they change the presentation world of architectural designs. You can draw whatever is in your mind on paper, and then convert it to the 3D form to see how it looks. Hence, architecture prefers 3D modeling. The following are some benefits of 3D modeling:

1. Realistic, easy, and quick: If your client wants to change something in the plan, you can easily open the plan, make the small changes, and show the client what it looks like. 3D modeling is an easy, quick, and realistic way of designing.

2. Good for marketing and project approvals: 3D is more satisfying than 2D drawing. The work output of 3D modeling is a lot better. Using 3D, you stand a better chance of winning over the customer. When you use a 3D model in the project, the project approval rate increases.

3. Easily re-model and make corrections: You can easily make changes in 3D design. Easily make minor and major changes in design without tangible additional cost.

4. Impact on project execution: Having a clear design helps the project engineer to finalize the project at a very low cost and according to the plan.

Impact on project execution includes:

  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Less request for information.
  • Removes the field inferences.
  • Less cost growth.

5. Boon for interior designers: Design a life-like model in a commercial and residential flat with the furniture, showpieces, wall paints, and design, designer ceiling, etc., to give your client an engrossing view of their future home or office building.

6. Measurements: In 3D design, you can visualize the physical dimensions of the object with other objects. This will help clients to arrange the objects based on their size and shape.

7. Fewer instructions and no language barriers: 3D designs may not need clear instructions, but in 2D designs, clear instructions are required. Any normal person can understand the 3D design without any language barrier.

3D modeling is a new technology that can be used to create different models. There are many types of 3D modeling software available, among which SelfCAD is the best. Various tools are available in SelfCAD software like 3D shapes, scale tools, extrusion, selection, and many more. Using these tools, you can create any type of model. SelfCAD is a great way to try out 3D modeling. SelfCAD is a new browser-based 3D modeling software in which you can draw different types of shapes, sculpt, model, slice, render, 3D print, and perform artistic functions.

Enjoy powerful modeling, rendering, and 3D printing tools without the steep learning curve.

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