Discover SelfCAD: Stitch And Scoop Tool

 |  Sammy Ekaran

The Stitch and Scoop tool in SelfCAD allows you to perform various operations with your model.

Today we will review the following options:



Let’s have a look at each one of these:


This option allows one to unite two or more objects as shown below.

To use this option, select two objects; in our case, a cube and a cone are used. Move and Scale it to fit the section in which you need them to be joined together.

After this, select the Stitch and Scoop -> Union and Apply.



This operation allows two objects becoming one and even if you try to select them separately you will realize that they are still together, united now.


2) Difference

This option allows you to extract an object from another. This helps you in creating holes or gaps in the object you are working on.

Select a Cube and scale it.


Take another cube and place it on top of the first object, then create a similar one.




To create the tray, select all the objects and select Stitch and Scoop -> Difference

l. This operation will create rectangular holes as shown below.

Select the Magic Fix tool and finalize your model to allow other operations to be performed.

You can also create the gaps of any shape on any object.

Explore SelfCAD and enjoy creating!
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