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 |  Sammy Ekaran

The Extrusion Tool of SelfCAD


To extrude means to force or to thrust. It is a great way to grow the geometry of an object.

Extrusion in SelfCAD allows you to add more polygons to a 3D model.

This tool can be easily found in our Tools section or you can use the CTRL+E keyboard shortcut.

Select your model or just certain parts of it with our Selection mode, click Extrusion, and start extruding your object. For this article, I used the extrusion tool to grow the polygons of the lid to ensure it fits in the can well.






Not only Extrusion allows adding more polygons, but in addition to that, you can use the Extrusion tool to select and add sections to your model. See the image below where Extrusion is used to create the handle of the pan.




You can change the size of polygons created using the Amount of settings as shown above.

                                                                                       Magic Block


Magic Block is another tool which is very similar to Extrusion because it is being used to add polygons to the model or grow extrusion. You can access it Tools or use the M+B shortcut.

Magic Block is different from Extrusion because with Extrusion you can select particular sections of the 3D model and extrude only those selected areas while Magic Block tool is used to perform the operations with the entire model, not divided into selected parts.

When you select a few parts and try to apply Magic Block, a pop up saying that the selected parts will be lost will appear on your screen as it's displayed on the gif below.


After using the Magic Block tool you will realize that polygons have been added to the whole surface of the model as it is shown below.


Block density determines the size of the polygons to be added, the higher the size, the bigger the polygons will be added and vice versa.

We hope this article was helpful in your 3D modeling activity!

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