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 |  Sammy Ekaran

In this article, we are going to teach you how to manipulate the cube and get simple models instead of creating them from scratch.

Let’s get started.


Use our Scale tool to turn a cube into a rectangle. Make sure the cube is selected. Take our Scale and begin scaling your cube either using the colored points or change the measurements of your cube in Scale settings on the left tool panel.

3D design


If you need to create a triangular shape, SelfCAD provides several ways of achieving this, but I would like to show you how you can create a triangle using only the cube and the Revolve tool.

Select Revolve, set the angle to 360, segments to 3. Set the Radius and Height to any value depending on the size that you need.

3D design

Circle or Cylinder

Let’s perform another quick and simple operation with Revolve. Set the angle to 360, segments to 185 and set the radius and height to around 125 and 42 respectively and that’s it!

3D design

Use Scale to create a cylinder now, simply scale the height of your circle depending on the needed height. See the gif below to get a better understanding.

3D design


To achieve this shape, you will need Polygon selection, Round object, Add thickness, and Scale.

First, select and delete the top, front, and bottom polygons using the Polygon selection tool.

3D design

Select Tools -> Round Object, set the Smoothness to 3 to make your shape round.

3D design

Add Thickness will help to make a model thicker, set the thickness to 32 in settings. Scale your shape. Add color to your material and you’re ready!

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