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 |  Sammy Ekaran

Digital sculpting is often called just sculpting or 3D sculpting and is a process of applying to 3D models such as deformations as pushing, pulling, smothering, pinching, grabbing twisting, or modifying an object otherwise with the help of sculpting tools. For digitals sculptors, a digital model is like clay for sculptors in real life, only in three-dimensional space.

The majority of digital sculpting tools on the market use mesh-based geometry, in which an object is represented by a surface mesh of polygons that can be pushed and pulled around. Other digital sculpting tools use voxel-based geometry, in which the volume of the object is the basic element. The material can be added and removed, much like sculpting in clay. Still, other tools make use of more than one basic geometry representation. Mesh-based programs allow sculpting at multiple resolutions on a single model. Areas of the model that are quite detailed can have very small polygons while other areas with less detail have large polygons. The mesh can be edited at different levels of detail. Anyways, mesh-based sculpting is limited to a fixed topology of a mesh, which limits the ways in which details can be added or manipulated. Voxel-based sculpting allows complete freedom over from, as the material is being added and removed, and the layout of polygons in no longer a matter of concern.  

                                  Sculpting in SelfCAD


How sculpting is different from 3D modeling?

3D modeling and sculpting might seem similar especially for beginners, but let’s see how is it different. Modeling is geometric in its nature and is perfect for creating angled objects while 3D sculpting is a more organic process in which using brush-like tools allows the sculptor to manipulate the meshes. Compared to regular 3D modeling, a range of modifications allowed is much wider. Sculpting allows reaching the incredible level of detail and texture of the object.

3D modeling and sculpting go hand in hand, as sculpting helps to finish the look of the 3D model later used as a prototype or an art object

                           Sculpting in SelfCAD

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