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Designing a Star Shaped Cookie Cutter

 |  Sammy Ekaran




To begin, select the reference image option from the View section and add your image to the workspace as shown below.




After doing this, select the spline drawing tool from 3D sketch option and use it to sketch the model as shown below and ensure that precision is selected.



Select the scale tool and use to increase the polygons of the model. After doing this,  select the copy offset tool and use it to create one copy of the model and reduce its size using the scale tool. Use the Align tool to align the model in the middle of the first one. Select the difference option of the stitch and scoop tools to hollow out the model.



Create five other copies of the model and scale each one of them so that they can fit inside the bigger model and use the Color option to change the color of each one of them to be as shown below.



After doing this, use the command CTRL + G to group the models or select Group from the Edit section.

We have now created our Star-shaped Cookie cutter!

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