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Design Your Own Chair In SelfCAD

 |  Sammy Ekaran

3D printing in the furniture industry is becoming popular. Classy furniture that can be customized to one’s own unique style makes any space attractive and appealing. To maintain competitiveness in the market, event management and furniture rental industries are always looking for ways to create something unique and distinctive for their customers.3D printing for product design has made it easier for industries to create modular furniture that is portable and handy. In this guide, you will learn how to create basic furniture easily in SelfCAD- an online 3D modeling software.


   Designing Furniture in SelfCAD

We’re going to learn how to model and 3D print your own customizable chairs in SelfCAD. We shall create two kinds of chairs. We shall begin with the one shown below:

content image

Check out the video of the design process here.


Let’s start:

Creating a Sketch Of Your Chair


In order to design it accurately, first, we need to prepare a sketch of how the model will look like and the measurement too. Once the sketch is ready, you can now import it to the program using the Reference Image Tool. This is helpful as ones’ creativity isn’t limited. This is a sketch we prepared.

content image

After importing the sketch, select the Free Hand Drawing Tool from the Drawing tool section of the toolbar. Use it to trace around the sketch as shown in the Gif below.

content image

Once you’ve finished tracing around the image, finalize it.

Use the Rotation tool to rotate the finalized part of the chair. Create another pair of the same using the Copy Offset tool and other parts of the chair too so that you can achieve the model shown below.

content image

Select the material option found in the right-hand section and use it to change the material of the parts of the chair to wood as shown below.

content image

Let’s check out now how to design another version of a chair shown below.

content image

See the video tutorial here.


Let’s get started!

     Modifying a Cube

To begin, we will need to modify the default cube. 

Use the polygon selection tool to select the top and one side of the cube and delete it. Use the Edge selection tool to select the edges of the model and move them as shown below.

content image

To convert it into a 3D model, we’re going to use the Add Thickness Tool which is found in the Modify section of the toolbar. Set the Thickness to -20 and finalize. Select the Smoothness tool and set the smoothness to the maximum and finalize and you will be able to create the model shown below.

content image

      Creating The Foot Of The Model

  • Set the model to the bottom view.

  • Select the bottom section using the Polygon Selection tool.

  • Use the Extrusion tool to extrude it to be as shown below.

content image

  • To insert the foot, select the four corners and use the command option with Amount set to 32.

  • Use the scale tool to scale it as shown below.

content image

We’ve now successfully modeled a Chair in SelfCAD

content image

You can always customize it according to your needs. For example, you can change the color, material and even the shape of the model. 

After designing, use the Magic Fix Tool to make the model printable. To slice it, click on the 3D Print tool to access the slicer and generate the G-Code that you will send to your 3D printer.


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