Create with SelfCAD: 3D Printable Halloween Pumpkin

 |  Anastasia Misiuk

​3D Designing a Halloween 3D Model 

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Happy Halloween to you all!

If you are concerned about the messy pumpkin carving, forget about it and indulge in the creative process of making your own Halloween pumpkin through 3D modeling and printing. This fun project is easy for the entire family and can help you to make use of the latest technological advances.

Let’s start!

1. Start Designing

Select a sphere from the basic shapes.

Select Scale and set the X, Y, and Z-axis to 100, 83, and 100 respectively.

Use Polygon selection in our Selection mode and turn on the Loop selection tool. After doing this, start selecting the sides of the pumpkin as the image shows below.

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2. Modify the Model

Use Scale tool and scale inward to make the shape of the pumpkin. You can achieve this by reducing the x, y and z values to 87, 78 and 88 respectively.

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To further modify the pumpkin, select the upper section of the pumpkin using the cube selection tool. You can do this by setting the left, bottom, and back options to 100, 87, and 100 respectively. Finalize the changes.

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Delete the selected parts now so that you can achieve the diagram shown above.

Create a copy of the top selected part and delete the first one.

Position the copied part on top of the main model using the Move tool.

Use Polygon selection and increase the upper polygons to achieve the desired shape, as the image shows below.

Use Scale to adjust the size and the shape of the model and finally use Bend to bend the twig of the pumpkin.

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3. Create the Hollow Parts

There are various ways to make the model hollow in SelfCAD. The first is modifying the basic shapes and using Stitch and Scoop to extract them.

But the easiest way is by drawing the structure of the hollow part using our Drawing and later extracting it from the model.

Select the FreeHand in Drawing. Use Spline drawing set the smoothness to 5 then start drawing the eyes.

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Select Line drawing and set the height to 20, start drawing the teeth, Finalize. Scale your drawing afterward, to make sure it fits the whole model.

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Use Stitch and Scoop to extract the drawing from the model to make eyes and teeth visible.

Go Tools and apply Add Thickness to make the holes more visible.

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Rebuild the model using the resolution tool so that all the meshes may be intact.

Use our Round tool to make the model round.

4. Create the Base

Select a cube from the basic shapes section and set the measurements to 50, 10, and 20 respectively.  Use Scale and Move to place the base in the right place.

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Use Text Drawing in FreeHand to create any text of your choice!

You can change the color and material using the Color and the Material options.

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To 3Dprint your model, select the 3Dprint option then select your preferred 3D printer and enjoy 3D printing your model!

We hope this article was helpful for you and now you can re-create this model in SelfCAD!

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