6 Benefits of Using 3D Printing Technology in Education

 |  Marques Coleman

                                  Why 3D Printing is Important in the Education Industry

As 3D printing grows in popularity, people are finding new ways to incorporate it into different fields. Education is one of them. Both students and teachers can benefit greatly from having such powerful technology in their classrooms.

There are many benefits of 3D Printing in the classroom setting.  While obtaining a 3D printer might be expensive, it can be of great help to both teachers and students of all ages. Whether you are an educator or a parent, here are some ways through which 3D Printing can have a positive impact on your child’s education.


  1. Bringing things outside of the screen

Sometimes, explaining topics in a class requires more than just words. When it comes to subjects like chemistry, geography, and history, having 3D models of molecules, landmarks, and figures can help students remember details with more ease. It simplifies the learning process by allowing students to connect their knowledge with visual cues.

You can easily apply this idea to all sorts of different subjects and classes. You can even allow your students to choose what to create next. A good example could be for history lessons, where you need to study wars of empires. Creating different buildings, small armies, and historical landmarks can be made effortlessly with 3D Printing. Your students can learn by playing and interacting, which will be much more efficient than watching videos or studying through a book.

  1. Helping students become more creative

3D printing in the industry

Another major reason why 3D printing can be a great addition to any classroom is that it allows students to be more creative. Kennedy White, a writer for SupremeDissertations, said that “There are many instances when a project could have been all that more complete with the right 3D elements. By allowing students to 3D print things for their projects, you help them unleash their creativity”.

The most important thing is that it introduces students to a different way of thinking. It enables them to be more creative when it comes to bringing their ideas into life. Creativity forces them to think out of the box and find ways to turn their ideas into life. As a result, they are way more active when it comes to their education and have an engaging and interactive way to participate in the class.

  1. It introduces students to new skills

    3D printing in the classroom


Since 3D Printing will be such a new option for them, it might take some time to understand and use it correctly, but with proper help and guidance, students will be able to learn how to operate the 3D printer with little difficulty. Younger generations have a natural talent for using technology, so it should be a piece of cake for them.


Instead of just showing how to operate the 3D Printer by itself, you can introduce them to software like SelfCAD. TinkerCAD used to be the most popular 3D software for kids, but SelfCAD is now taking over as it’s just as easy to use, while offering much more powerful tools at the same time. It will give your students a good foundation in 3D modeling, and advancing to other programs becomes easier.


Most importantly, this is something that can teach them a lot about handling new equipment and computer programs. Besides, to put a bigger piece together, they will have to break it down into parts. It means that they will have to develop problem-solving skills to put the different creations together piece by piece.

Those skills will accompany them for the rest of their lives and allow them to add something interesting to their resume in the future.

3D printing in the classroom

  1. It allows students to stay focused

3D printing in the Classroom

Another reason why 3D printing can be a great addition to your classroom is that it will help your students become focused. For many students, classes can get very boring when the only thing they hear is a monotonous lecture. It happens to students of all ages, and the only way to overcome it is to make your class more engaging and interactive.

When using a 3D Printer during class, you get to incorporate a visual element that is superior to videos and images. Jonathan Smith, a creative director for BestEssaysEducation.com, suggests: “One of the things you can try is asking the students that have the biggest trouble focusing to use the printer and help you teach. The more involved they are in this process, the easier it will be for them to stay focused and enjoy every bit of the class”.


  1. There are many resources available online

One more benefit you can keep in mind is the fact that there are so many resources for 3D printing online. Whether you have already made content or you wish to create your own, but you are bound to find inspiration and all the tools you need. Not only does this leave space for creativity, but it also helps you have access to resources when you need them at the last minute.

A great tool you can use for 3D Printing is SelfCAD. It not only does it supply you with the means to design models from start to finish, but a way to slice them as well. It is perfect for any classroom, as you can allow your students to learn how to use it and make it available for everyone. There are plenty of other tools for all of your needs that can help you come up with designs and creative ideas for your prints.

  1. Providing materials for students of all ages

Last but not least, 3D Printing in education can provide you with materials for students of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are teaching elementary or college students, as all of them can all use 3D printing in one way or another. Younger students will be able to unleash their creativity and learn in a more age-appropriate way.

For example, teaching math to younger students can be a lot easier if you create parts with the printer. The children can use different designs, such as 3D animals or fruit, to learn how to add and subtract. Older students can use the 3D printer to make their projects more interactive and representative of their ideas.


Getting creative in the classroom

Classes like chemistry and geography can become monotonous and boring for students. 3D Printing provides teachers with a way to breathe life to their classes and makes them more interactive. Whether you need materials for elementary or high school students, there are always resources you will find online to help you teach accordingly.

Not only are you challenging your students to be more creative, but you are also teaching them new and valuable skills. This approach will help you build a better relationship with your students and engage them in your classes like no other. The benefits of 3D printing technologies are plenty, and the more you search, the more interesting ideas you will find to share with your students.

Do you think 3D Printing can be beneficial to the education system? Have you ever used a 3D Printer in one of your classes?

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