3D Modeling Character: Creating a Micky Mouse in a 3D Design Software

 |  Devyani Nagare

3D Modeling Character: Creating a Mickey Mouse Character Using Freehand Tools of SelfCAD.

Everybody loves watching cartoons, especially children. Have you ever wondered how these 3D moving cartoons were created? How do they move? There are various cartoon characters that are lovely and funny-looking. Mickey Mouse is one of the old and most loved cartoon characters. 3D modeling cartoon characters is fun and provides room for experimentation. We are going to use the Freehand Drawing Tool of SelfCAD to create the Mickey Mouse. 

SelfCAD is an easy to use 3D design software. SelfCAD has numerous 3D modeling features that help you create the various 3D objects you want. Freehand Drawing is the Main Tool of today’s tutorial. This tool enables users to draw just like drawing but more precisely. You can select the different shapes, draw over the image, and convert it into 3D Models. 

So keep on reading and learn how to use Freehand Drawing Tool and Create amazing 3D Designs. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Select the Image of the 3D Model Character

We will start with selecting the Reference Image. Freehand Tool is used with Reference Image. It's easy to trace the drawing with the help of Reference Images. Click on View Menu from Toolbar, select Reference Image. Now click on Add Image to load a new image. We are loading the Mickey Mouse Image itself from the tutorial. You can choose whichever image you want. 

The image of the 3D model character


Step 2: Draw with Freehand Tool

We are going to trace the image of the 3D model character with the help of the Freehand Tool. This will enable us to draw on the reference image that will be converted into 3D. Choose the Freehand in the Toolbar from Drawing Category (F+B). In this tool panel, select Circle (F+C). Draw on the circular points that are Mickey Mouse Ear. 

Drawing with the freehand tool


The image showing the image of the 3D model character and how to start tracing

Draw the other Ear.

Drawing the ears

Continue to Draw the other parts of Mickey Mouse. 

Step 3: Draw Eyes and Mouth

Now, we will give eyes and mouth to Mickey mouse. From the Freehand Tool Panel,  choose the Spline (F+S). Set Smoothness to 20 and now draw the outer face of Mickey Mouse. Spline is used to draw curves so we can draw the even Face Curve.

3D modeling character: Drawing the eyes and mouth

Click on Esc to stop the Drawing.

Next, Draw the Eyes with the Spline tool. While clicking on points, keep on drawing the Eye.

Drawing the eyes using the spline tool

Click on Esc to stop the Drawing. Continue to Draw the other Eye of Mickey Mouse. 

Continuing to modify the design

To close Spline Drawing, click on the Esc key. It will stop the Drawing Stroke. Again draw the Mouth with a spline. To continue drawing from the previous point, you just have to click on the point you want to draw. 

3D modeling design

Press on Esc to stop the Drawing Stroke. We can continue using the same tool to draw numerous objects; here, you don’t have to select the same tool again and again. You just have to Click on Esc and continue drawing. We did the same with the Spline tool. Finalize the Freehand Drawing. 

Finalizing the 3D design

Freehand Drawing gives us the above 3D Design. 

Step 4: Hide the 3D object and draw the other parts

We will hide the object so that we can draw the rest of the Mickey mouse. Choose the Hide button to hide the selected object (V+H). We are temporarily hiding the object that will give us space to draw the other things. 

The image after hiding the 3D object

Choose the Freehand in the Toolbar from Drawing Category (F+B). In this tool panel, select the Ellipse (F+E). Draw the Ellipse on the nose. Keep on clicking the points and then finalize the Freehand Drawing.

3D drawing the nose

Again select the Freehand in the Toolbar from Drawing Category (F+B). Then choose the Ellipse (F+E). Draw the eyeballs in the eyes. 

3D drawing the eyeballs of the 3D model character

Finalize the Freehand Drawing.

The image after drawing is finalized

We are almost done with the 3D drawing, so remove the Reference Image with the Remove button. 

The shape after reference image is removed

Use the Show Button to show the other Objects. 

Showing the objects

Step 5: Modify the Nose of the 3D model character

Let’s perfect Mickey’s nose. Select the nose object. The nose is not visible on the face, so we will modify the nose. Click on Move in the toolbar (M).  Set Y to 10, or use a gizmo that is over the object. 

The image showing the final design after modification

Step 6: Color the Mickey Mouse.

Select the objects one by one to color them. Then click on the Color Picker button to change the color of the objects. Select the Black Color button and click on Ok to confirm the color.

Applying colors to the nose

With the same process, color other objects. 

Coloring the other parts

We are done with creating Mickey Mouse! Now, we will make it vertical with the help of the Rotate tool. 

Step 7: Rotate the Mickey Mouse in Vertical

Choose the Rotate (R), set x to -90, and close the Transformation Panel.

Rotating the micky mouse

Our Mickey Mouse is ready!


3D modeling character isn't hard. You just need to have the appropriate tools with you. We’ve managed to create a simple Mickey Mouse using the freehand drawing and other tools of SelfCAD. You can use this. Also, you can have fun with the available colors or choose custom colors.

Enjoy powerful modeling, rendering, and 3D printing tools without the steep learning curve.

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