3D Logo Designs: Everything You Need to Know

 |  Aimen Kahn

3D Logo Designs: Importance and Tips to Design Perfect 3D Logos

A company, no matter how big or small, needs to set its reputation in the market. But, in addition, it needs to build an impression on all the potential consumers. So the first thing is to have a well-designed logo for your brand that sets a prominent mark in the industry. You might not know, but 92% of people build brand perception based on the colors and shapes of its logo! It is the face of your company and lasts for a lifetime; it better be noteworthy and appealing. 

Why 3D logo? Well, with everything evolving in the digital world, the logo has grown popular too. As designers become more creative and technology advances over time, many kinds and types of logo design have come into sight. The need for a 3D logo, thus, is now rising. Here are all the reasons you need a 3D logo for your company and a guide to design it. 

Reasons Why A 3D Logo Is Essential For Your Company

Sample of a 3D Logo

Sample of a 3D logo. Image source: Freepik

3D logos are overshadowing the conventional 2D designed logos. However, you don't need to get a 3D logo just because it's the modern trend. There are more reasons to opt for it.

1. Eye-Catching

Compared to a 2D design, a 3D structure is much more attractive. Therefore, it grabs more attention in a single glance. A 3D design also well-engages a person, making it difficult for anyone to overlook it.

2. Boosts Your Reputation

When a company uses a 3D logo, it makes a significant impact on its viewers. People recognize the company for its efforts on something as minute as its logo. Moreover, it also helps a company stand out amongst its competitors.

3. Creates A Visual Impact

As stated earlier, logos can influence people to make a perception about your brand. For example, in a study where 109 college students were shown a shoe logo in an angular and a circular shape, they made different interpretations about its brand. 

The first group thought of it as more durable, while the second stated it as more comfortable. That's how shapes play with our minds. Therefore, your 3D logo can take advantage of this human psychology to gain more consumers for your business.

4. The Winning Way

With the market competition increasing day by day, it's now about the survival of the fittest. If you don't run in the race of the digital world and do not match its pace, you'd find it hard to survive in the market. Thus, the new evolving trend of a 3D logo is what you need to keep your business upgraded. On the other hand, if you stick to the 2D when the logo world's gone too far, you would be left behind.

A Guide To Design The Perfect 3D Logo

Now, let’s learn how to design an impressive 3D logo for your brand. As a beginner, designing a 3D logo shape might sound like an achievement. However, dimensions alone aren't enough to grab attention. As a professional logo designer, you’ll need to follow these tips to get the perfect logo design.

1. Know Your Company

A logo serves as the face or identity of a brand. Thus, if you're designing a logo for your own company or another firm, make sure that you know the company first. You need to ponder:

  • What does the company do?
  • How does it do it?
  • How is it different from  its competitors?
  • What's the company's goal, mission, or value?

Answering these questions would lead to even more questions, and this process would help you come up with ideas for a logo.

2. Sketch It Over

Oh, you got an idea right when you were about to sleep? Well, then keep a paper and a pen near you, and sketch whenever any idea pops up in your mind. This is an essential step before moving to the actual digital software. Plus, staying in front of the computer for hours isn't easy as it strains your eyes. Thus, it's always better to make rough paper sketches to finalize a design before the actual step.

3. Choose A Suitable Color Theme

Choosing Suitable color

Choosing the right color for your 3D logo is a bit tricky for beginners. However, the right color can boost the readership by 40%! That's why it's essential to pick a color scheme that suits your company and attracts consumers. 

To give your best, you might think a marble color would do the trick. While it may look good, there are other color schemes, like wood veneer or sand concrete. However, you don't always need to overdo things to make your logo look impressive. Keep it sleek and simple, and you'll draw in quite a lot of attention.

4. Don't Clutter It

Another great trip to designing the perfect logo is to keep it as minimal as possible. Cluttering it too much with typography or images would make it look complex and difficult to understand in a glimpse. 

Take the example of huge companies with logos as simple as an apple, an M, or swoosh. They're easier to understand and memorize. Thus, make sure to be as subtle as you can. Even a flat logo with a 3D touch would do the trick.

5. Match It To Your Work

Suppose you're designing a 3D logo for a kids' toy brand. Now, instead of a colored, funky scheme and font, you select Times New Roman, and that too in black and white. Would such a formal logo appeal to the kids? Of course, it wouldn't, right?

Well, that's the critical point here. Your 3D logo might be designed quite well, but if it isn't appropriate for your work or audience, it won't work wonders. Hence, make sure it matches your business goals, work, and the targeted audience.

6. Being Literal Isn't A Bad Option

Logos are your identity, and they show who you are. Thus, if your company's name is pearl, you can show an image of pearl as your logo. Even if you do not sell pearls and oil, people will naturally associate oil with your logo. That's something giant firms use, where a fruit relates to digital devices or a shell relates to the fuel supplier. However, when you see the logo, you identify what that company markets in less than a second. 

7. Imagine It Without Colors

You won't always be able to show the colored version of your logo. Sometimes, you might have to post an ad in the newspaper in black and white. Thus, it's essential to see if your logo works without the colors too or not. However, it should still be clear with all the margins, texts, and shapes and be recognizable.

8. Make It Suitable For Every needs

While designing your logo, you'll have to think about where you'll use it. For example, suppose you intend to use it on different objects, like t-shirts, letters, bottles. In that case, you'll have to imagine how your logo would look on various platforms. For example, what would look great on paper might not suit another material.

Plus, after designing your logo, you can test it to see if it's understandable at a glance. If you pass by it and your brain fails to register for what it is, it may be hard for people to recognize your brand.

9. Stand Out In The Market

While there may be hundreds of examples to follow, designing something that stands out is essential. For example, creating a logo with a bitten fruit may not be a good idea because a significant firm has already taken it. It would help if you thought something out of the box, but not something too difficult to understand or memorize.

10. Think About Animations

At some point in time, your company may want to run the logo on ads with animations. Thus, even if you're a beginner, you need to keep that aspect in your mind. Make sure to think about how your logo would look if it's turned upside down or flipped. It should not portray something contrary to your business goal or something embarrassing. Moreover, ensure that even if the logo is rotated or turned around, it should be recognizable as your company's identity. 

11. Take opinions

If you see a glass half-filled, your friend might see it as half-empty. Thus, perceptions differ, and so would the opinions about your logo. Therefore, once you develop a design, ask your friends, colleagues, or experienced professionals about their views and suggestions on your logo. In addition, surveying multiple age, gender, and ethnic groups, would help you understand what can be improved in your logo or if your logo is good to be launched in the market. 

3D Modeling Software For Designing 3D Logos

3D logo created in SelfCAD

Creating 3D logo of Instagram in SelfCAD by Converting an image to 3D shape

Last but not least, let’s get to know about the 3D modeling software for creating 3D logos. Logos are made in several ways but always require extensive training and  a comprehensive understanding of design and software. 

Though 3D logos can be created using 2D programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, sometimes these programs can be challenging when the 3D logo being created is complex hence it’s important to use a 3D designing software as it’s easier to create any type of 3D logo in a CAD software regardless of its complexity as compared to using a 2D program.

There are many available 3D modeling software that can be used in creating 3D logos, but we recommend using SelfCAD as it’s easier to use and powerful at the same time. Regardless of the complexity of your 3D logo, the various tools of SelfCAD will help you create an attractive logo that fits your requirements.

Using these tools for logo designing adds a professional touch to your logos and saves your time and effort too. After you are done with 3D designing, you can also generate realistic renders of your logo using the 3D rendering tool of SelfCAD. 


3D logos are the new evolution in the digital marketing field that has bypassed the conventional 2D forms. Since the competition is getting more challenging each day, the race to win encompasses the use of 3D logos too. Plus, they're more attractive and essential to build a visual impact and your brand reputation too.

Thus, to design a perfect 3D logo for your company, the first task is to know your brand entirely. Then, you can sketch some ideas on paper and finally move on to the digital work. Make sure to keep your 3D logo simple, uncluttered, with appropriate color schemes and suitability to your company. Moreover, be different to stand out, and sometimes get literal too. Lastly, think about printing it in multiple places, adding animations, and be open to constructive criticism. These tips would surely help you come up with a perfect logo for your new business.

We hope you enjoyed the article and find it informative. Drop a line if you have any queries or suggestions. We’ll get back to you in no time.

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