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10 Best 3D Model Database You Need to Know

How often do you find yourself interested in 3D printing, but facing the challenges of the complexities of 3D modeling? Or the time required to learn the ins and outs of 3D modeling.

Fear not because tons of websites offer both free and premium 3D models ready for download. With just a click, you can go from being clueless about 3D modeling to having a functioning 3D printed table in your living space.

Here is a list of the top ten 3D  model sites.

1. PinShape


download free 3D models

Pinshape is a 3D model database that allows 3d designers to find and share 3D designs. It is easy to navigate around the platform, making it easier to search for a specific model. Once you visit the website, you will see an option to sort the models based on their popularity, price, and category. You can also search using the search bar found on the top menu. 

Features: Pinshape has an option for designers to set prices for their designs and the type of license their designs should be under. Those looking for designs can either download the files for printing if they have permission or directly send the model for printing using a browser-to-printer experience. 

Pricing: Free and Paid options

Average number of designs: More than 66, 000

Target Group: Makers and Designers 

2. Cults3d


download free 3D models

Cults3D is a marketplace that connects designers and anyone who wants to 3D print any object. Cults provides its users with the ideal 3D models, ranging from maker-inspired 3D files to high-quality professional designs. Before classifying 3D designs into categories like fashion, art, jewelry, house, architecture, or electronics, cults check for printability.

In addition, Cults is a social network that brings all 3D printer lovers together to interact with one another. The Cults feed allows members to keep track of their favorite creators’ activities. Makers who downloaded and printed the 3D blueprints may then post photographs of their creations, including their settings and how they used the object.

Features: On the site, 3D designers upload their digital 3D printed models. In addition, they can opt to offer their work for free or for a fee.

Cults3d offers a demand on design feature where if a 3D file isn't available on their platform, they can create it on demand. Simply go to the website and fill out the online application form.

Pricing: Free and Paid options

Average number of designs: More than 35,000 designs

Target Group: Makers and designers

3. Thingiverse


download free 3D models

Thingiverse is arguably one of the most well-known and most extensive databases of 3D models. It is backed by a vibrant maker community and solely provides free STL files. In addition to the vast number of free 3D model designs, you don't even need to create an account to download a 3D model. If you are new to 3D printable model designs, Thingiverse is an excellent place to start. The Thingiverse website has hundreds of thousands of 3D models to choose from and a thriving community of over half a million registered users to interact with.

Features: All the designs on Thingiverse can be used, altered, and customized to fit your needs. The Customizer app on Thingiverse allows you to customize the features and dimensions of compatible models to meet your specific requirements.

Pricing: Free

Target Group: Makers

4. MyMiniFactory



download free 3D models

Myminifactory is a  platform that allows for better collaboration between 3D designers so they can share their work freely. It also helps 3D makers print the content that interests them directly from home. MyMiniFactory curation process ensures that every file posted to the site is 3D printable on a standard desktop 3D printer; each object is guaranteed to be 3D printable.

The site also has a subscription service that allows designers to open their businesses. They also organize fun 3D design competitions.

Features: More Freedom to customize your profile page. In addition, MyMiniFactory provides peer approvals that let you test the design for printability and input the creators. 

Before downloading the STL file, you have the option to alter the models. Lastly, there are respiratory educational resources that are easily accessible through peer-to-peer training.

Pricing: Free

Average number of designs: 110,000+

Target Group: Makers and designers

5. GrabCAD


download free 3D models

GrabCAD is an online community where engineers and designers from all around the world are able to share their CAD models and learn from one another. However, Only technical, engineering, and scale models are available in GrabCad. It also allows you to filter its database by the 3D modeling program used to produce the designs. 

Features: If you need a 3D model, the GrabCAD Community Library has over 3 million free CAD files. Companies and hiring managers use GrabCAD to discover engineers and designers. Completely filling out your profile and keeping it up-to-date makes it simpler for them to find you and view your work. GrabCAD challenges are an excellent opportunity to show off your abilities, boost your profile in the Community, and win prizes by addressing actual design problems. 

Pricing: Free

Average number of designs: 4,590,000+

Target Group: Engineers

6.  Free3D


download free 3D models

Free3D is a platform where you can download both free and premium 3D models. Free3D platform is characterized by a clear and well-structured user interface that makes it a popular site amongst 3D designers. The multitude of languages, such as Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, etc., in which Free3D is accessible is one of its most appealing features.

Features: 3D models are easier to locate because they are categorized. To access the 3D models, you must create a Free3D account. Free files for architecture, cars, characters, animals, furniture, and figures are available. Lastly, Free3D has a voting mechanism, which allows users to evaluate a design positively or negatively.

Pricing: Free / Paid

Average number of designs: 420,000+

Target Group: Hobbyist and Designers



download free 3D models

STLFinder is a simple and straightforward search engine that scours the web and brings you hundreds of 3D models from different sources. A key advantage of using STLFinder is that it allows you to set up an account and bookmark your favorite models for future use or reference.

Features: STLFinder is a user-friendly and intuitive search engine, especially on mobile devices.

The drop-down menu in STL Finder is a favorite feature among many 3D designers since it allows you to choose which databases to search and whether you want to hunt for free or pay to download models.

Pricing: Free and Paid

Average number of designs: 500,000+

Target Group: Designers and Makers



free 3D model downloads

3DfindIT is a visual search engine that searches billions of 3D CAD and BIM models from hundreds of manufacturer catalogs worldwide. 3DfindIT is a popular platform for architects, planners, engineers, and designers, thanks to its sophisticated search tools and free CAD & BIM data download.

Features: 3DfindIT has an unmatched digital model from international manufacturers. In addition, all the engineering data is provided by the manufacturers, making the data authentic.

It boasts a wide selection of 2D and 3D CAD models that are available in both native and neutral Solid Edge and NX formats.

Pricing: Free

Average number of designs: 350,000+

Target Group: Engineers, architectures, and designers



free 3D model downloads

Thangs3D is a site best known for its large repository of geometrical 3D models. An excellent and innovative feature offered by Thangs3D is that a 3D model may be rendered in any position and color changed with a single mouse click.

Features: Thangs3D provides its users with an option to collaborate on projects with friends and colleagues.

Pricing: Free

Average number of designs : 1,500,000+

Target Group: Design teams and makers

10. Shapeways


free 3D model downloads

Shapeways is a fast-growing platform that gives designers access to the most advanced industrial 3D printing technology. It offers complicated designs in various high-quality materials.

Features: Shapeways offers all its users the ability to choose the material they want to 3D print like ceramics, plastics, and metals like 14-karat gold, sterling silver, steel, and bronze.

In addition, Shapeways has a team of  3D print engineering at hand that examines the designs to guarantee that they are suitable for 3D printing. Once the design is approved, it is then sent to a 3D printer for confirmation.

Price: Free and Paid

Average number of designs: 21,000,000+

Target Group: Engineers and Designers

Without a doubt, some of these websites will be complex to use to achieve your desired result. But with SelfCAD, regardless of the complexity of the model, you can design it with great ease. 

It’s easier to learn, and you can also prepare your models for printing in SelfCAD without switching to another software or installing any extension. Most importantly, you can also import 3D designs to the software and modify them based on your requirements with much ease.


The free 3D downloading website provides many options for designers, newbies, and professionals to explore the world of 3D printing, designs, and modeling without any limits.

Though it might seem overwhelming at times, take this time and explore the ten highlighted websites and see which one catches your interest.

There is something for everyone, I guarantee you.

Enjoy powerful modeling, rendering, and 3D printing tools without the steep learning curve.

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