10 Best Free Tools For Graphic Designers in 2021

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Graphic Design Software for 2021

Here is an interesting fact. You don't need to be a terrific designer to create great content. Any creative mind can craft beautiful content with graphic design software. And if you are starting out or on a tight budget, getting your hands on free and easy-to-use tools is a fantastic option.

To save you the trouble, here are the best free tools for graphic designers in 2021. 

Let’s get started!

  1. SelfCAD

graphic design software

SelfCAD is one of the most interesting software on this list and that’s why it’s appearing in the first position. It is an easy-to-use tool used by Graphic designers to create 3D designs. The software can help you speed up your design process, whether you're just starting out or trying to impress existing clientele.

The software is much more powerful than most traditional CAD software, providing higher rendering capabilities, powerful modeling, and interesting features to edit your module. If you would like to create custom 3D assets like embedding on the websites or for other purposes, this is the best tool that you can use to prepare them, unlike 2D programs.

The first-class rendering it offers creates designs ready for 3D printing. With technological advancements, learning about 3D printing is a must, and SelfCAD is the perfect tool for exploring your creative side and getting a physical model of your design.

What’s more, is that the tool offers an intuitive interface to its users. The perfect mixture of technical and artistic tools can be found exactly where you need them to be and the ultimate application allows you to work without a hassle. You can do modeling, sculpting, and rendering all under a single program without the need for additional software. There are both online and offline versions and it's affordable too.

  1. Inkshape

Graphic design software

Because of its exceptional features and tools, Inkscape is one of the greatest free graphic design software. It serves as a great tool for creating vector art and aids illustration designers in creating appealing designs and themes. Inkscape offers a variety of drawing tools that can help create different types of content with ease.

What’s more is that the editor has excellent SVG compatibility, including alpha blending, cloned objects, and markers, which aren't often present in other apps. This makes this free tool one of the top choices for graphic designers.

The free tool can serve as a great alternative to Adobe illustrator due to its different color modes and flexible drawing tools that help create sophisticated artwork. 

Pros Cons
No License Purchase required Iability to export formats compatible with Latex
Great Community and extensive Interface visuals need a boost
  1. GIMP

GIMP has been around for a long time as an open-source, free graphic design program. It has a thriving community of contributors who have expanded GIMP's feature set with plugins to challenge the likes of Photoshop. The continuous contributions by the community keep it up to date and provide features that paid graphic designing tools have.

Advanced features like curves, layer masks, and animation packages are pretty helpful for designers in creating graphics and artwork from scratch. The features allow designers to have a free hand to explore their creativity and enable users to swiftly and effectively alter raster images.

GIMP’s photo enhancement tool is one of the most terrific features you can find. It helps users to edit photographs, fix distortion and adjust colors easily.  

To top it up, the tool also provides a customizable interface to help improve user experience. This makes it an excellent tool for someone looking to start his graphic designing journey.

Pros Cons
A large number of tools at your disposal Some features are difficult for beginners to use
Easy to use and easy image manipulation Might require you to download fonts
  1. Vectr

graphic design tools

For expert graphic designers, Vectr is one of the top free graphic design software options. If you are new to graphic design and don't want to spend money on expensive tools, Vectr software can be a great place to start. It works on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, making it widely available for many users.

Vectr is the greatest free graphic design software for making 2D vector graphics. It's versatile enough for day-to-day design needs, with all the vector features you'd expect, plus a variety of options for utilizing filters, shadows, and typefaces. 

Its live collaboration and synchronization features are especially useful because they essentially allow anyone to watch your design in real-time, making it very easy to collaborate or offer feedback. This can be useful if you are working as a team.

Pros Cons
Packed with lots of free vector online tools Need internet connection at all times
Great application for working as a team There is no import option and exporting content might have some issues
  1. Krita 

Graphic design software

For professional graphic designers looking for a free sketch and painting program, Krita is a commendable choice. Being ranked #1 by TechRadar, the visual designing tool is outstanding for comics and manga artists. 

The application allows you to use different drawing tools such as layer masks, smooth shapes, brush stabilizers, and many other tools. These drawing tools are of immense help for all the creators to craft their content.

Krita’s extensive collection of different brush sizes is mindblowing if you are a comic or manga artist. It makes the application suitable for all manner of drawing tasks, from drawing your favorite manga characters to advanced painting jobs.

Furthermore, the tool provides a customizable and interactive interface to its users. You can adjust the interface according to your convenience.

Pros Cons
Great vibrant and active community No customer service 
Easy to use and compatible on Mac, Linux, and Apple No application for iPhone, Android or tablet
  1. Gravit Designer 

graphic design software

Here is another top-notch free vector design software you should get your hands on. The tool is excellent for almost any graphic design, whether it be logo designing, photo editing,  illustrations, or animations.

Gravit Designer is a full-scale design tool offering a number of features to its users. From SVG editing tools and different effects to outstanding editing tools.

Gravit Designer dashboard has a lot to offer its users. The interface is organized and easy to navigate, which makes it very user-friendly. Moreover, the application allows you to switch between projects with ease thanks to the tabs located on the top of the dashboard.

Pages function in Gravit Designer is the feature that sets it apart from other design tools. They're a cross between artboards and pages. This allows users to set their own canva settings for each page, making it easier to add more layers to the content.

And if you are a dark mode fan, the tool also allows you a dark view, making it visually appealing.

Pros Cons
Friendly interface and easy to use Need subscription to get hands-on many advanced features
Offers portability to almost any platform Have some confusing and annoying bugs
  1. Procreate 

Graphic design software

Have you had your creativity flow while riding the subway? Procreate allows designers to scribble quick sketches on the go. It's a terrific tool to have in your arsenal and has over 130 brushes.

The iPad program has lots of helpful tools to help you create the masterpiece you have been imagining. Tools like Quickshape help to create perfect shapes easily, and Streamline turns rough strokes into smooth curves. These tools can really help you create breathtaking content with perfection.

Furthermore, the application allows you to paint filters onto the canvas, giving an exquisite touch to your content.

Pros Cons
A large number of brushes available to sketch No vectors available
Can export files into many formats Layer masks are very basic
  1. Pixlr

graphic design software

Pixlr X is the ultimate application to use if you want a quick and easy picture editing tool. With the capability to give one-click adjustments and artistic effects for an instant visual boost, the tool is one of the most powerful online editors available for free.

Pixlr E provides a set of excellent editing tools similar to those found in Photoshop and is a fantastic alternative to CanvaPixlr BG is an AI-powered application that will remove background from your photos in no time. However, to access more advanced features like stock images or stickers, you need to get a subscription.

Pros Cons
Can save content to cloud Have some common bugs, like bugs with saving content
Has advanced filters Doesn’t support the drag and drop option
  1. Infogram

graphic design software

Anyone looking for a tool to use and get graphic designing work done without a fuss should definitely check out Infogram. The website allows individual users and teams to use this user-friendly visualization tool to produce stunning infographics, reports, charts, maps, and more. 

Infogram offers a wide number of designer templates to its consumers. It also offers custom templates to assist firms in adhering to their design criteria and craft amazing logos, advertisements, and posters. Using features like object animations, interactive charts, and maps, you may produce more visually appealing material that your audience will like.

One of the most amazing features Infogram offers is the analytical tool to keep track of your content. This helps identify what is working in your advertisement campaign and how you can improve it to get better results.

Pros Cons
Collaboration features can be great for teamwork No rollover effects make it difficult to use
Great customer service  

Final Verdict

No matter what your motive is for crafting graphic designs, there is more than one graphic designing tool to fulfill your design objectives. 

It is always a good idea to decide what features you might need on a regular basis to craft your content. Deciding this can help you choose the right graphic design websites to go for. 

While not all these free tools provide all features, using them simultaneously can help you create what you think of as the perfect content.

If you are new, Always go for the tool that has the easiest interface and explore it thoroughly before moving onto the next one. Remember, practice makes perfect. So keep practicing and you can bring your inner creativity out!

Author Bio:

Ivanna Attié is a content manager, researcher, and author in various visual imagery-related publications. She is a passionate communicator with a love for visual marketing and an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge. Her background is in communication and journalism, and she also loves literature and performing arts.

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