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Can I use SelfCAD on multiple computers?
<p>Yes. Not only you can use it on multiple computers, your objects and scenes which are saved on the cloud will be available from any computer after you log into your SelfCAD account.</p>
How does the "free account" work?
<p>Not sure if SelfCAD Premium is for you? Don&rsquo;t worry! You can try it for free and cancel at any time.</p>
Which payment methods does SelfCAD support?
<p>Currently, you can pay using Visa, MasterCard and American Express. More payment options will become available in the future.</p>
I noticed that SelfCAD supports transparent objects. Does that mean I print transparent 3D objects?
<p>Transparency is only for rendering; so, no, you cannot print transparent objects. 3D objects will be printed as a solid object, regardless of the opacity setting used during the design process.</p>
Does SelfCAD have a vertices/edges/faces selection tool?
<p>Yes. See &lsquo;Region Selection&rsquo; and click on the selection modes option.</p>

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