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Can I download the video tutorials?
<p>No. For privacy reasons we do not allow the downloading of our video tutorials.</p>
I want to contribute a plugin to improve SelfCADs functionality. Does SelfCAD support plugins?
<p>Yes, but this feature has not been released yet. The public plugins API, and related documentation, is planned and we will make a special announcement about this soon. Stay tuned!</p>
What is SelfCAD?
<p>SelfCAD is an online, browser-based, 3D modeling, sculpting, slicing and printing software package.</p>
How is Free Account Different from Paid Subscription?
<p>The free account allows data motion inside SelfCAD. That means you cannot export your design and download it to your computer.</p> <p>The paid subscription gives unlimited access to all features within SelfCAD. Including intuitive UI, modeling and sculpting tools, deformations and modifications. You can export to 40+ formats, download 3D models, upload your work straight to MyMiniFactory account and your Facebook profile. You can upload any STL object and modify it. The paid subscription allows printing directly from the browser.</p>
I've forgotten my password. What do I do?
<p>On the sign in page, select &quot;Forgot my password&quot;, or go directly to the <a href="https://www.selfcad.com/forgot-password">password reset page</a>.</p>

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