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How can I save my 3D Objects in the cloud?

Besides downloading, exporting, and sharing your models on Social Media, there are three additional ways to save your 3d objects to the cloud in SelfCAD. Each of those methods has its own use-cases, and each of them will be introduced in the following paragraphs.


1. The first option is the traditional ‘Save’ found in the User Options. It saves the latest version of the project, with all of the settings and objects to the cloud. SelfCAD performs an autosave every three minutes, but you can click on the highlighted icon to save at any time, especially if you want to exit the project.


2. The second option is ‘Save Project As’. This method creates a copy of the entire project. It gives you a backup version of the project you can always fall back on, that you can access from the project page.


3. The third option is called ‘Save Objects’, which allows you to save a version of a selected model in the cloud, which can be used to create an object library. It’s particularly useful when you want to reuse an object in different projects because you can Load Objects from any scene.

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