Understanding SelfCAD Polar Array Using Pivot Copy Offset

 |  Sammy Ekaran

SelfCAD Polar Array Features

Polar Array is where 3D objects are arranged in a circular manner around a common point. 

When 3D designing objects in SelfCAD, you can array objects in a circular manner using the pivot option of the Copy Offset tool found in the Tools section of the toolbar. It’s not a difficult process when compared to other programs.

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How to create a Polar array in SelfCAD.

Go to the Toolbar and select the Copy offset tool in the tools section. This is after you have selected the object you want to create copies.

Once you select the copy offset tool you will be able to see settings displayed.

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Select the number of copies of the object you need to create an array.

In the Position settings select the Pivot option and by default, the center point of the array will be 0,0,0 for x, y and z-axis respectively. You can change the center of the array by moving one object a distance, create other copies and use the moved object as the center position. You can see this video to learn how to do it.


You can also change the X, Y and Z axis in order to change the position of the objects in 

You can specify the magnet in the advanced settings in order to choose the snapping point of the array. when moving the array.

This feature is very important when working on the designs that require one to surround an object at a specific interval uniformly.


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