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 |  Anastasia Misiuk

The Most Common 3D Filament Providers

After so much 3D Printing going on from SelfCAD, we decided to contact 25 filament providers to sample their filament and choose four which stood out to us based on quality, speed of delivery, price, and overall printing outcome.

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Since SelfCAD users are now registered in over 25 countries, we wanted to list three filament providers which are from amongst those 30. Since this blog was published, all three are now sponsoring SelfCAD as their go-to 3D CAD software and slicer for their customers. We are happy to be partnering with you!

Filaments We Love                          


1. Formfutura 

High-quality 3D Printer Filaments 


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


About Formfutura

We at Formfutura are true believers in the life-changing technology of desktop 3D printing. We are very passionate and enthusiastic about 3D printing and the opportunities which arise out of this technology. Our goal is to provide our fellow enthusiasts in the 3D printing community with the best materials/filaments available for a reasonable price. We want 3D printing to be affordable and available for everyone. 

2. Intservo/eSUN 

High-quality 3D Printer Filaments 

Location: Durham, North Carolina



About Interservo

eSUN filaments are high-quality professional-grade filaments and are compatible with all open-standard FDM printers such as MakerBot, RepRap, UP, Afinia, Flash Forge, and all FDM 3D Printers. INTSERVO is the largest USA distributor and the exclusively authorized distributor on Amazon.

3. Spectrum Filaments 

Print Your Mind! 


Location: Servicing Eastern Europe


About Spectrum 

Even the best 3D printer achieves magnificent effects only after using the right filament. That's why we created Spectrum Filaments! The main objective of Spectrum is to provide quality products at an affordable price. Spectrum also has a range of 3D Printers such as 3DGence, 3dKreator, MassPortal, MonkeyFab, Skriware, Ultimaker, and BCN3 Sigma. We are happy to be partnering with SelfCAD!

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