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Simple Design: Little Funny Monster

 |  Anastasia Misiuk

In theory, monsters should be really horrifying for kids. They're giant, weird-looking creatures that loiter under beds and jump out of dark closets. But in reality, we all, both children and grownups, love funny monster toys.

This article shows how to design a 3D printable funny monster in just a few steps

  1. Select a Sphere from 3D shapes. Select another one, or copy a sphere

  2. Use the Scale tool to reduce the size of the copied sphere.

  3. Move it towards the other sphere, and adjust it as shown by using Scale and Move.



4. Now go Tools -> Copy and copy the smaller sphere.

5. Select half of a sphere, using Cube Selection. Delete the selected southern hemisphere.

6. Go Tools -> Fill.

7. Move the small hemispheres (object 327 and 371) to the original big sphere as shown below.  



8. Using Copy tool, copy object 373 as shown below.

9. Move the copied sphere towards the original sphere (object 370) and adjust it using the Scale tool.

10. Use Stitch and scoop tool -> Difference, select object 373, apply difference.

11. Select object 372 and difference 16. Use Stitch and scoop -> Union to unite the two objects, apply the changes.




12. Select object 371, Move it and Copy as shown below.

13. Using Scale, reduce the object’s size,  and Move it again into the original sphere, then make the adjustment by moving and scaling.




14. Scale the copied sphere (object 375). Go Deform-> Taper, select Top in the advanced settings, and adjust as shown.




15. Select the other objects apart from object 375, Move them upwards as shown.

16. Select object 375, Move it towards the other group of objects and Align.

17. Use Copy as shown below. Then select the two objects, use Move and Scale tools and adjust them to fit together.




18. Select the base of object 375 using Polygon selection. Start scaling it as shown, and adjust it using Move and delete the other copy as shown.  


19. Copy the medium size sphere as shown and Scale it to a smaller size. Select Deform -> Taper, make adjustment, and Rotate as shown below. Use Tools -> Align and select object 375.





21. Use the Move tool to make the adjustment and ensure a good fit.

22. Using the Copy tool, make one copy of object 371. Again, use Move, Scale, Rotate to make the adjustments, and fit the object.



22. Fit the small object as shown, and make one copy of it. Copy the whole set, and then in the Tools -> Align them together.




23. As adjustments are in progress, make a copy of object 371. Move the copied object and Scale it as shown. Use Tools -> Align tool, select object 371, select top, and finalize.

24. Move it to the middle, go Deform -> Bend and bend it aside, for instance to the left and make a copy of the same.






24.After adjusting and copying as shown, make a copy of object 371 using a copy in the Tools option. And move it then in the Deform options, select Bend, and bend it as shown and rotate it using Rotate tool and move it to the center as shown below.



25. Copy the small object, Rotate it, and Move in the direction as the gif below shows.



26. Use Stitch and scoop -> Union to unite the objects in the following way, and finalize the shape.  

27. Select the Material for your object and choose the right Color.

28. Choose the Smooth option and apply Magic Fix to fix the geometry of an object and prepare it for 3D printing.





Congratulations! The little funny monster is ready!

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