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Simple Design: 3D Printable Apple
 |  Anastasia Misiuk

In this step by step, we are going to learn how to create a 3D printable apple created in SelfCAD. With the help of our Shape Generator tool, you will be able to create a shape that can not be found in the Basic Shapes section. Use our Image Generator tool and convert an image into a part of a 3D model! Set the material and color of your choice - it’s all up to you. Let’s see how fun 3D modeling can be!

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Ready, Set, GO!

  • Create a section and select the Shape Generator tool. 
  • Set the bottom radius to 20 and the top to 30 respectively, select Fill. Set the angle to 360 degrees and the number of edges and height to 8 and 10 respectively.  
  • Add Segment on top of your shape. Set only the top radius to 50.
  • Add another segment, set the radius top to 60. Continue adding segments, set the top radius to 70 and height to 30. 
  • Continue adding segments until you reach a satisfying look.
  • Use Polygon Selection, Move, and Scale to correct the shape.
  • Apply Round Corners to make the model smoother and more detailed. 
  • Use Spline Drawing to draw a stalk. Set size to 3 and number of edges to 50, finalize the shape. 
  • Use Polygon Selection, Move, and Scale to adjust the shape and place the stalk on the apple.
  • To create a leaf, use our Image Generator tool. Upload your image, turn Backside, and Symmetry on. Set the amount to 2 and finalize the shape.
  • Select and delete the background using Polygon Selection.
  • Go Sculpt -> Smoothing Brush to smooth a leaf and the whole model. Scale and Move the leaf to the apple.
  • Change the Color and add Material to your model to finalize the look.



Your 3D printable apple is ready!

To print your model go File -> 3D Print.

Enjoy creating with SelfCAD!