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SelfCAD and 3Dexter announce the "3D Education Initiative for India"
 |  Anastasia Misiuk

 SelfCAD and 3Dexter: All you Need to Know

SelfCAD and 3Dexter are excited to announce SelfCAD's first 3D Education Initiative for India.

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3Dexter is one of the leading companies from India offering 3D Printing education across schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. What sets them apart from every other 3D Printing company/service in India is their uniquely customized curriculum integrated with the respective institutional boards.

 The 3Dexter's curriculum has been carefully designed to boost innovation and enhance academics with the help of 3D Printing technology. 3Dexter is running it's annual curriculum in more than 30 schools across India and has delivered 3D Printing workshops in more than 200 educational institutions. 

3Dexter sees an unprecedented potential in 3D printing technology and aims to harbor student's interest by igniting a spark of innovation in every young mind.

"After meeting and discussing with 3Dexter, not only was their vision for 3D Printing aligned with ours but their vision for education using science and technology was something that got us very excited. We knew we had found a great and trustworthy 3D partner who can lead the community at the forefront of India's 3D revolution", said Founder/CEO of SelfCAD, Aaron Breuer.

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