Now You’ve Got a 3D printer. What's Next?

 |  Sammy Ekaran

Your guide from where to discover, modify and fabricate 3D models online.

GOT A 3D printer. what next?

You got a 3D printer and I am sure you are super happy about it! You can contemplate innumerable ways of utilizing this remarkable product and your imagination runs wild with the prospects you can perceive.  However, you need to be acquainted with how to initiate the printer and here are three steps that every 3D printer owner has to go through which can help them achieve your target easily. These steps can help you find, modify and fabricate 3D models for free.

Step 1: Finding free 3D models: You have just bought an incredible device which can bring your imagination to life and you are now eyeing for free 3D models online for printing. 3D Benchy model is one of the primary models to sample out as this is a basic model of a small boat which is printed in the .stl format and you can simply test and calibrate your printer with this primitive model.                      

GOT A 3D printer. what next?

You can download the models directly from MyMiniFactory while on SelfCAD program and work on them. Myminifactory partnered with SelfCAD last year and the users have access to more than 40,000 ready to print 3D models and they can also upload them to the cloud for everyone to see them.  Numerous 3D models are accessible for printing online, which can be downloaded for free and you can revel in printing them. There are also other popular sites you can download free 3D models like, thingiverse, Pinshape, GrabCAD, Yeggi and many other sites.

Step 2: Modifying the provided 3D models: Once you have downloaded the free 3D models available online, you may desire to modify their size or alter some of its parts. SelfCAD Program allows you to easily transform your models and help you achieve the shape and size you necessitate. You can even write your name on the model! aAll you have to do is register online and create an account and you will get access to all the tools and free tutorials too.                                                              

GOT A 3D printer. what next?

Step 3: Watch your imagination come to life: Printing 3D Models made by someone else isn’t fun enough, but seeing the model you created yourself coming to life is something more interesting. And to be able to design your own models easily, you need a program that is easy to use, powerful and more affordable and that’s why SelfCAD has been designed. This program will not only allow you to design but also help you prepare them for 3D printing as slicer is part of the program.

You can invent your own 3D models of toys, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, car parts or other accessories, the list is endless. With the SelfCAD 3D modeling tool, you can create your own designs and start the fun part of printing. Whether you are a fashion designer or architect, go ahead and enjoy your astounding device by creating your own 3D models of dresses or buildings.

There are a lot of “how-to” videos that you can start with. If you are a complete beginner, I recommend you start with the Step by Step tutorial.

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